Monday, October 10, 2005

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October 10, 2005
Contact: Jim Ludwick, 503-435-0141

Saturday, October 15, 1 p.m.

Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR) will stage a rally on the steps of the State Capitol Building in Salem, on Saturday, October 15 at 1 pm.

The rally will honor the modern day Minutemen who have volunteered to patrol our borders with Mexico and Canada and report attempts of illegal aliens to enter our country. In addition OFIR members are sending a message to the Oregon State government that its complicity in aiding and abetting illegal immigration must stop.

The list of speakers will include:
State Representative and and KXL talk show host Jeff Kropf

KPAM Talk Show host Victoria Taft

KPNW Talk Show host Richard Sturm

Ruth Bendl, Voter Integrity Project

Daniel Miglavs, Daniel is Right Blog

Rick Hickey, OFIR Vice President

Oregon veterans of the Minuteman border watch project

Songbird Cindy Tilkens will sing the Star Spangle Banner and her own composition of a song about illegal immigration.

"Illegal immigration is negatively affecting our public schools, the sanctity of our elections, the Oregon Health Plan, the criminal justice system, our natural environment, and our livability," OFIR President Jim Ludwick stated. "Polls show that by an overwhelming majority, most Americans want illegal immigration ended and our borders secured. Despite that, the federal government refuses to enforce our immigration laws, and our state government continues to aid and abet illegal immigration into Oregon. Oregon is the only state west of the Mississippi that openly acknowledges that it issues driver licenses to illegal aliens. Furthermore, the administration under Gov. Kulongoski actively encourages illegal aliens to participate in taxpayer-funded benefits and services."

Ludwick invited everyone who is opposed to illegal immigration to join the rally.


Anonymous said...

Love to come but I got tickets to the Ducks-UW game down in Eugene beginning at 12:30. Good luck!

Daniel said...

Thanks for the luck! I hope that you will be able to attend another rally!

Gunslinger said...

I will try to attend this rally, while I need to be cautious about my participation in political rallies, I would still like to meet some of the people from this blog community.

Anonymous said...

Estaré allí a la ma's counterprotest como su protesta bendecida Warriror para las derechas iguales para todos los seres humanos bajo ley.

Daniel said...

Anonymous' comments translated courtesy of Google:

I will be to the plus counterprotest like its blessed protest Warriror for the equal rights there all the human beings under law.

Reply: I look forward to seeing you anonymous.

Gunslinger, I would like to meet you! This isn't a blogger event though, it is a Minuteman Project event sponsored by Oregonians for Immigration Reform. Hopefully other bloggers will be there though.

The Cheezer said...

You can count me in Daniel!
I see this as the first of many rallies I will be attending.