Saturday, October 22, 2005

Attention Sherwood residents:

Vote YES on 34-112

I got my ballot in the mail today for the Nov 8 vote on whether Sherwood will continue to be robbed by the city of Portland for their water or if Sherwood will make an investment in ourselves and build a pipleline in cooperation with the city of Wilsonville to get treated water from the Willamette.

I strongly urge a YES vote on this measure.

Portland has enjoyed a relative monopoly in the water providing bussiness and they have acted like it. Bull Run water prices have been going up and will continue to if Sherwood signs another long-term contract with Portland.

Wilsonville has a top-notch treatment facility and have been using the Willamette as a water source for some time. The water exceeds all EPA guidlines.

With a YES vote, Sherwood will own the infrastructure that brings the water too us. We will no longer be renting from Portland.

Besides, there's obviously something strange in the water from Portland... there's no other explanation for the craziness from that city.


Anonymous said...

And get infected bad tasting water from the River. Go ahead. I'm voting NO.

Anonymous said...

Willie River water is good for drinking if you have an RO treatment system of your own and enjoying RO water is a good thing anytime, be it Bull Run or Wille River.

George Morlan Plumbing is my RO filter source (Lowes and Home Depot as well) and the cost per gallon is far less than Bottle.

Its a good Saturday afternoon install and the whole family will benefit from the effort.

Best yet, Porkland can then take their Bull and . . . Run with it!

Daniel said...

anonymous#1 The EPA, you know, the experts on this issue, say that the water coming from the Wilsonville treatment plant is safe.

Wilsonville residents have been drinking it for years and I don't hear about any outbreaks there.

Anonymous#2 I don't drink straight tap water, I use the brita filter. There's a noticable difference but I'm sure it's not as good as the reverse osmosis.

Conservative said...

I was so ECSTATIC to read your comment on my site. I was practically drowning in a treasonous sea of liberal fools who for some reason find it necessary to air their opinions on a conservative website. I hope that you will come again and let more REPUBLICANS know about it.

Anonymous said...

If anybody has any concern over the drinking water entering their home they should have their own RO system.

It costs pennies a gallon and it won't matter if the source is Wilsonville or Portland.

The cheaper the better and I assume Wilsonville will be less in the long and short run.

If you want a sample of RO water drop by a Winco and fill your own jug from their self-serve dispenser.

Bull Run water is only as good as the people in charge.

Anonymous said...

with no damage to your business’ budget whatsoever.