Sunday, October 30, 2005

Want to fight meth?

This was sent to me by a friend in the property management business:

Looking for an easy use tool in shutting down a drug house?

Fact #1 95% of all Drug or Meth involved residences are Rental property.

Fact #2 85% of legal owners of those Rental properties are unaware of the activity and that because they are out-of-towners and/or a management company doesn't want them to know as they profit well in making repairs.

Fact #3 10% are slumlords who profit greatly by renting to those others refuse and collect huge cash (and often untraceable) payments.

Trip on down to your County Clerks office where For Free you can learn the name and address of the legal owners and then send them a note explaining your concern.

It's worth a shot and often times successful in ridding the neighborhood of a drug house and other times having a new management company assume control who are more careful as to whom they allow as tenants. Killing the profit incentive is a powerful act and scaring a slumlord also has its benefits.

Note: Curiously enough all of the Meth Fighting organizations refrain from telling of this tool. But then, we all need a purpose in life and others need an income.

If there is a problem house in your neighborhood (frequent foot traffic, lights on all night, garbage, etc) then I would suggest you find out if it is a rental. If it is, then contact the landlord with your concerns. Let's make our communities unfriendly to drug addicts!


Foxtrot13 said...

This is good. I'm surprised this hasn't popped up on TV.

Rick said...

Ahhh, but then if it did, it would hurt the poor drug makers.

(Need I put a sarcasm tag?)

Daniel said...

This is such a simple solution that could really clean up some neighborhoods.

Terry said...

I've been saying for 25 years that neighborhood residents need to step up to the plate and buy rental properties in their neighborhoods so that THEY set the standards and not some absentee landlord who only sees dollar signs.