Thursday, October 27, 2005

There's great news... unless you read beyond the headline

Salem-Keizer's English-learner programs show progress in report

However, they don't meet advancement target of 80 percent

The report is required by the federal No Child Left Behind law. The law requires that at least 80 percent of English-language learners progress at least one proficiency level each year -- a goal that most Oregon school districts failed to meet.

Only 16 of 117 Oregon school districts with English-language learners achieved the 80 percent level.

The state of Oregon gives school districts an extra $2,600 for each English-language learner enrolled. Most districts don't spend all of that money on direct services to those students.

Salem-Keizer, for example, spent $6.6 million of the extra $12.8 million it received for English language learners on direct services to those students in 2003-04, the most recent year for which spending data is available.

So we have the encouraging headline but when you actually read the story you see that we are failing miserably. That and the schools are doing what Tom DeLay is accused of, taking money that has be designated for one recipient and funneling it to another recipient. How come the media doesn't issue breathless reports about how "indictments could come down any day" on the school districts?


Gunslinger said...

It should be fairly easy to find out where the rest of that money went. Each year when the budget is written they have to account for every dollar, and where it is going. Perhaps if they used the rest of that money, they could get near the mark. Oh, wait, they could but a lot of the teachers are on strike. For the kids, my ass.

grandmasasi said...

I am getting so tired of those in charge of education $$$ spending it on something besides educating the kids ~ it's MY hard-earned $$ & I want it to go toward giving English-speaking kids, particularly, a great education ~ not to help the illegals.

Allen said...

Oregon's Public Schools scoring pooly and ESL students leading the pack of losers, confirms the problem is with the scoring methods.

JonathanDavis said...

I am shocked that our public schools are failing in oregon! SHOCKED!