Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Violates the equal protection clause Judge James?

YWCA Purple Hands Pledge raises awareness of violence
In an effort to raise awareness about violence against women and minorities, the University’s YWCA is encouraging students to take a pledge to refrain from using words and hands to discriminate and thereby disrespect women and people of racially diverse backgrounds.

However, it was noted that the university still condoned hurtful words and physical violence against white males. "Those crackers keep coming in to our neighborhoods, looking at our women..." said one University official. "It's time we started throwing pies at them"

Students who took the pledge of non-violence towards women and minorites were also offered to sign up for the "why we hate Christians" awareness program. The program, taught at major universities around the country, teaches students that those who believe in some sort of mystical "God" are dangerous and should be demeaned at every chance possible. Brian, a university student said, "I want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their values, that's why we need to eliminate the Christians from campus."


Tim Lewis said...

I think the irony escapes them. This is such hateful speech it makes me ill.

Bob said...

Let 1000 toxic weeds bloom!

Victoria Taft said...

mark krikorian of the center for immigration studies is coming on tonight at 7pm

Daniel said...

I appreciate that update Victoria! I've got you on my dial!