Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Mac Johnson column (hit's it right on the head)

Are Conservatives the Black Voters of the Republican Party?
Conservatives feel that they are taken for granted by the Republican Party and are the first group to be slighted when compromises have to be made. They are the fundraising base, the volunteer base and the turnout base, but they have been forced to swallow an unfathomably large expansion of Medicare so that Bush can be said to have “done something” about the fact that prescription drugs aren’t magically free.

They have had to watch in horror as Bush stumbled arm-in-arm with Teddy Kennedy to expand the Department of Education into a more powerful centralized bureaucracy than any Democrat ever dreamed of making it.

And if Bush gets his way, they will soon be forced to swallow yet another risky “stealth” nominee to the Supreme Court, and then a stealth amnesty for the 10-20 million illegal aliens that have smuggled themselves into the Country in the last two decades.

Mac Johnson correctly identifies the problem and has come to the same conclusion that I have: Not voting hurts us worse than anything, giving money and support to the interest groups and specific candidates is much better than giving or volunteering for the RNC, and the primary system is the way to move the party to the right.

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