Sunday, October 30, 2005

Keep in mind

UNICEF Still Unfit to Receive Halloween Donations from Pro-Lifers
UNICEF, the United Nations arm to assist children, has been mired in anti-life controversy for decades. That negative reputation continues to harm the organization despite some changes in the right direction this year. As UNICEF gears up for its annual Halloween fundraising drive, pro-life citizens are being warned not to participate in the UNICEF Halloween boxes campaign or to donate when trick or treaters come canvassing.

Following is substantial evidence to prove that UNICEF has become a very willing partner in the population control anti-child and anti-family programs of the U.N.

Always make sure that you know what the charities that you support do with their money. I would also point out that with the Christmas season (not "holiday" season) coming up, the United Way will be soliciting donations. That group hates Christians and refuses to give money to the boy scouts for being "exclusive" (to gays/atheists) while giving money to gay/transgender groups.

I wouldn't give them a penny.


Anonymous said...

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MAX Redline said...

"I wouldn't give them a penny."

And I haven't for years. I prefer that my money go toward causes I can support.

Daniel said...

There was an initial uproar when United Way first denied money to the Boy Scouts but a lot of people seem to have forgotten. I'm glad that you haven't Jay.

And thanks for the feedback Walter, I appreciate it.

Ric said...

I give all my charitable gifting thru my church.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, one group would not accept that as an answer: OSPIRG.

If you don't have a church home, you can donate to mine ;-)

I also suggest the giving of time and money to
NW Medical Teams
Habitat for Humanity.