Saturday, October 29, 2005

Proof that the state of Oregon hates black people!!

Perhaps some of you have been following the Georgia law requiring photo ID to vote. The law was passed to avoid voter fraud (multiple voting, voting by illegal aliens) despite vehement opposition from the Democrats and the ACLU immediately sued. (gee, wonder who benefits from voter fraud...)

Well, the law has been struck down because the judge said that "it amounted to an unconstitutional poll tax that could prevent poor people, blacks and the elderly from the voting."

Ignoring the fact that the statement is very condescending to black people, I see now that the state of Oregon hates black people so much that they want them to deny them a form of health care... cold pills!!! Clearly a requirement to show ID was a "burden" on black people that they could in no way overcome... I mean really, none of the black people I know have a drivers license. They simply walk to Blockbuster when they want to rent a movie... oh wait, Blockbuster is racist!!! Aaaaah.

At least now black leaders can stop protesting the placement of liquor stores "in black neighborhoods" (do we still have segregation?) because those black people can't buy alcohol without photo ID anyway. But wait, that means that the OLCC is racist!!!! Aaaaah.

I could make all kinds of malt-liquor jokes at this point and none of them would be as insulting as this:

Stephens said another Journal Constitution report stated that a poll revealed 80 percent of Georgians supported the voter ID law.

As for the poll, Rep. Tyrone Brooks, president of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials, said respondents, especially those who are black, were not informed of the law's impact.

"You talk to African Americans, and they will tell you that this is a hardship," Brooks said.

Uh, Mr. Brooks, I'm asumming that black people participated in that poll (unless photo ID was required) and they obviously didn't feel that it was a hardship. And calling them stupid doesn't change that fact.

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Dare!PDX said...

Sounds to me like the state of Georgia just needs to make a state ID the voter registration card.

If you just need the ID (you don't have an actual license to operate a motorized vehicle) the state gives it away.

It also would make it easier to require a state ID for employment. Hmmmm, but that might work as a solution for a certain problem and that would be racist.

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Gullyborg said...

Insurance is racist. Insurance companies make you get one of those "proof of insurance" ID cards. Insurance companies hate black people!!!

Daniel said...

I'm starting to see racism everywhere... just like a liberal does!

Gunslinger said...

I was in my car yesterday, and saw a black man on a sidewalk. I felt racist for being in my car and out of the rain, while he was getting wet walking.

Daniel said...

It's revelations like that one Gunslinger that make people into liberals. Now you should feel obligated to support affirmative action, set asides, and quotas. Oh, and if you murder him that's a "hate" crime as opposed to if you murdered a white man which I assume would be a "love" crime.

Gunslinger said...

Perhaps Kelly Wirth can tell us about "love crimes" that is, if she isnt too hopped up on meth.

Daniel said...

If Kelley Wirth claims some minority heritage then perhaps she could be her charges...

Terry said...

I am a white person who can say from experience precisely how voter photo ID will be used to disenfranchise poor people (it's not racist, it's classist). Many years ago, I was a young adult going through a divorce and living in my car (a 1974 Vega I bought from my (ex) wife before the divordce). My driver license expired during this time and I was unable to renew it because I did not have a street address and also did not have family (whose address I could use for DMV) in that state at that time. (Yes, I tried to renew it and DMV would not let me renew it without a valid residential street address.)

There was an election during this time at which I went to the poll and cast an unchallenged vote. (Because I had voted at that poll for the previous four years, I was known to the poll workers.)

Under voter ID, I would NOT have been permitted to vote because my driver license was expired, and thus not valid. What do you say to me? Tough luck? The price necessary to pay?