Saturday, October 15, 2005

Media: we were busy not mentioning Kelley Wirth's party affiliation

You may not realize this but a political protest happened today. I say that you may not realize it because it wasn't on the news. It won't be in the news tommorow either. The Statesmen Journal gave our event a pre-announcement in their paper but then never sent anyone to cover the actual protest.

Why do they ignore us you wonder? First, they hate the people. The media simply don't like people like you and me. (unless "you" happen to be a government worker) The media has their own ideas about what information should be made available, how that information should be presented and what the end result of the "masses" knowing this information should be.

The issue of stopping illegal immigration is so popular that even the "proffessional" media can't put a big enough spin on it to make it sound good. (This means that they usually spend their time denouncing patriotic Americans as "racist")

So their new strategy? Close their eyes and wait for us to go away! If they don't report on it then they believe that it's like the protest never happened.

In some ways they are right and in some ways they are dead wrong. People were invigorated today. People were encouraged and people were informed. Unfortunately a large segment of our population hasn't been encouraged, informed or invigorated. The media doesn't want them to be.

The lying hypocrites who will cite "majorities who support abortion" won't ever let the words "majorities who oppose illegal immigration" pass their lips. They are not the media for the people.

I would encourage all of you to contact at least one if not all of the media outlets and ask them why they didn't cover today's protest. Take 3 minutes of your time to make a diffence. Let's flood them with this question. Let's make our voices heard.

TIP: some of these links are webforms but for the ones that open up an Outlook email, simply write one letter and then copy and paste it to the rest!

Letter to the editor (Oregonian)

Letter to the editor (Statesmen Journal)

Contact form (KATU 2)

Contact form (KPTV 12)

KOIN addresses (KOIN 6)

KGW addresses (KGW 8)


Gunslinger said...

This is so typical. I sent all of the TV stations an email. Sorry I couldn't get there today. Keep it up guys, they are running scared!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, Thanks for posting all the contact info on one page, I am e-mailing every single one. R.H.

The Cheezer said...

I too have emailed them all. Thanks Daniel for the easy access you created here.

The Cheezer said...

Here is another link for you:
They publish Lars and they still didn't show up!

Daniel said...

Thanks Cheezer! I omitted some of the newspapers who don't usually cover the Salem area, (Register Guard, ect) but it never hurts to contact them to plant the seed that illegal immigration is a story worth covering.

Anonymous said...

We ought to start our own news service. Publish things the media omits. Now for some VC money.

Tony said...

Well, the statesman journal is a little more than a whole block from the capitol. You can't expect them to go all the way there for a bunch of people having an anti-crime rally.