Monday, October 10, 2005

Yes, I plan to scapegoat criminals

Dean: GOP to Scapegoat Immigrants in Next Election
At a rally, Dean garnered the loudest applause when he said Republicans would make immigration a pivotal issue during upcoming elections, as they did gay marriage and affirmative action in previous elections.
That's because those were winning issues for us then as well.

"Do you know who the scapegoats are going to be? Immigrants," he said. "In Colorado, the chairman of the Republican Party endorsed Tom Tancredo (search) for re-election. That is morally reprehensible. The governor of California, a supposed moderate Republican, invited the Minutemen to visit California. We do not need vigilante justice."

This is good news for us if the Democrats want to take the side of criminals when it comes time to debate this issue in upcoming elections. I had assumed that they would try their best to avoid the issue, (with a little help from their friends in the media) or offer the generic "we must reform the immigration system" response followed by no specifics.

But instead the liberals go back to their usual tactic of calling Republicans names. I can only hope that they start calling us names in Spanish, that would go over real well with the electorate.


Allen said...

I love it. The Demos call us names and everybody is calling 911.

Press #2 for Spanish.

Gullyborg said...

immigration is probably the one issue that can really hurt the GOP in the next few elections. thankfully, Howard Dean is in charge of the DNC and is reacting 100% opposite to what all wisdom would say is the best way to exploit the GOP weakness.

more and more people are fed up with immigration and the lack of real leadership in DC. the GOP is weak, but with Dean saying things like this, those concerned about the GOP's weak stance will continue to vote GOP as the lesser of two evils.

good job, Howie.

if Dean were to come out endorsing Schwarzenegger and telling the donks that the real national security issue is not Iraq but our own borders, donks would take control of both houses of Congress in 2006.

instead, we will probably not only retain control, but gain seats.

Gingrich for President!

MAX Redline said...

Um...correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Governor of California - a legal immigrant?

Daniel said...

Allen, the default option is Spanish, number two is English.

Gullyborg, I agree with your analysis. Don't agree with Gingrich for prez.

Jay, yes. Arnold is a legal immigrant and a great success story!