Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Washington County Republican Party October Meetup
This is a gathering of Republicans or those intend to become Republicans who want to find out how to become more involved in Republican political activism.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005, 6:30 PM

Baja Fresh
12286 SW Scholls Ferry Rd Tigard, OR 97223

A good group that meets on the last Wednesday of the month. I hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...


Dear Mr. Day, My name is Jack Peek Sr. I live in Portland and was over the years active in local neighborhood politics as Neighborhood president in the Foster-Powell neighborhood.

I have worked with Bob Tiernan, Steve Doell, Lars Larson, Victoria Taft, and others on an issue of community safety -- that being the placement of 5 criminally insane people in a group home next to a grade school in my neighborhood. This currently is a 300 plus client placement in Portland of clients such as these from the Oregon State Hospital.

I activated the unsuccessful recall of Vera Katz.

The above is just to point out that I care about this state.

Today in the Oregonian there was a letter where the writer whined about an airline captain holding "captive" two people enroute to PDX from Chi-Town. These two passengers were OFFENDED, by the captain recognizing two fellow passengers, soldiers returning from Iraq.
Held captive by pilot

A funny thing happened to us on an American Airlines flight from Portland to Chicago this month.

After having welcomed us, the captain pronounced a political speech glorifying a couple of soldiers in the plane, their labor and their mission in Iraq.

By doing so, the captain acted as an ideological kidnapper. That was not his plane but American Airlines' plane. And, we paid to be transported from Point A to Point B safely; we did not pay to hear about the political opinions of a pilot, nor the glorification of a re-re-redefined (more "re-" to come, that's for sure) mission.

He had no right to do what he did. Keep politics off planes.


This is a prime example of us being held "captive' as well!

Then the "events" planned for the 2000th death of an American soldier in Iraq....SICK!

BOTTOM-LINE: I'm asking politely for now, WAR DECLARED on Multnomah County, we fight this disease by energizing all possible efforts for voter signups (what the other side does), and we describe it as a WAR. We fight this statewide. We honestly are on a short timeline to take back this state without even mentioning GWB.

This has to be done...TOM POTTER is out on the eastern part of Oregon "selling" Portland as a friend not foe in politics of the state. WHAT BS!

I beg you to react in such a way...that people feel their apathy has been noted, and the party is not impotent as it is now perceived. I hope you will respond. Jack Peek

Anonymous said...

I did get a reply from Mr. Vance, lets hope after we may have reached an understanding of why I feel the GOP has let some of us down,and needs to get into the fight in a more agressive way.

Right now some say I'm just a ranting nutcase, one voice on what is going on, but I ASSURE you, more people who are as apathetic as can be, want something done, an soon, or Mr.Day will go down as the guy in charge of the GOP HERE WHEN WE LOST IT ALL.

We cannot just lie here anymore and get run over in this state. JP