Thursday, October 13, 2005

The cost of incarceration

You all know from the list of DOC inmates with an ICE/INS hold that there are 765 illegal aliens sitting in Oregon prisons. What does it cost Oregon taxpayers to house these criminals who shouldn't even be in our country?

Cost per Inmate per Day $ 64.08

X 365

Cost per inmate per year: $23,389.20

X 765

= Taxpayer cost per year: $17,892,738
cost source


Anonymous said...

Of course we could also add the Lawyer's tab and the translator.
That's on top of the $1.3 Million the S/K School Board just approved to spend on Portable Class rooms and special tutoring for ELL dominant Schools, on top of the increase for '05-'06, to $8.6 Million for ELL teaching, not including County & City Jails/Courts/Lawyers/Translators/ etc. etc. etc.
Hope to see all of you @ The Capitol Sat. @ 1 pm. Show up and send a message to those people inside. Some are running for office soon.

Gunslinger said...

Can they pay me that much a year for NOT commiting any crimes? That would be a nice thing, like profit sharing for law abiding citizens. Well let's see here, you got one parking, and two speeing tickets this year... So here is your check for 22 thousand dollars. Would have been more, but you were doing twenty over. yeah, that sounds good to me, let's do that instead.

Daniel said...

Excellent point anonymous. That figure does not cover trial costs, etc.

It is simply one line item in the illegal alien budget!

Sorry gunslinger, the profit sharing forms that you have to fill out are in Spanish...

Ric said...

If they are just in for the hold,
I say we imitate Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa county, put them in tents.

Daniel said...

I would support the tent idea in a heartbeat and I think that most Oregonians would as well.