Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I want to be independant... do I have your permission?

With headlines such as this, The dying, not the feds, deserve final say on life, popping up all over the place due to Oregon's assisted suicide law going to court, I thought that I would point out one very important fact.

Having to get the state's permission to kill yourself, having to prove this and that, having to meet certain benchmarks and criteria, does not make you "independant."

You didn't have the "final say." Doctors and the state law did.

Suicide is wrong, but if you want to kill yourself to have the "final say" then do it yourself. You don't need government's approval and no matter what the Supreme Court says, they can't stop you from putting a gun in your mouth and pulling the trigger.


Diesel said...

But taking a drug and "going to sleep" is so much cleaner and less of a mess than a shotgun in the mouth.

Daniel said...

The gun in the mouth was just one option. Take a bath with a toaster, drink a bottle of whiskey and cold pills together, whatever. That is having some say in your life.

Asking the state is not!

Anonymous said...

What about asking the state for spelling lessons?