Thursday, October 13, 2005

What political party?

The following two news articles make no mention of party affiliation of the alleged meth user Kelley Wirth (D) Corvallis:

Wirth booked for meth possession
Coravallis Gazette-Times

Meth Allegedly Found In State Representative's Car

Why are we not told which political party had an active representative arrested for possession of meth?


Jason the Outspoken said...

Interestingly, the Portlandistan Oregonian (in does mention her party. But it is interesting that the Corvallis Fishwrap gives all kinds of details about her, such as:

Wirth was the only member of the House to cast a negative vote against a bill to toughen punishments for methamphetamine-related crimes in the recently concluded legislative session.

The 40-year-old represents District 16, which includes Corvallis and Philomath. She was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2000.

But it does, convienently overlook her party affiliation. It's not surprising in view of Corvallis being an epicenter of insanity in the People's State of Oregon.

Daniel said...

The Fishwrapper article is the AP version. All the papers have it.

The real surprise is that she hasn't been asked to be a member of the OSU football team. With her legal troubles she should have no problem trying out next year though...

GayRightsWatch said...

I hope we do not see her next session. There are far better choices.

Remember how she got run over at the State Capitol... and it was no accident? I guess it was a dispute over a man. This man, a janitor at the Capitol. The 'other' woman tried to hit her--twice.

From what I know of her she has had a good deal of trouble in her past--the people still elected her. She had the worst attendance record in the House... IMHO she just seems a bit trashy overall.

2006 is the year for Sara Gelser. I am confident that she will take that district.

Bryan H.
Gay Rights Watch

Daniel said...

And have you heard any of her testimony on the meth bill? She can barely string a sentence together. Everything that came out of her mouth was incoherent babling.

It may be Corvalis Bryan but with the last democrat elected there being a meth user I have a feeling that the voters may be ready for a change...

Gunslinger said...

I think that the real victim out of the whole thing, is the parking meter that was run down.

Tim Lewis said...

Next session? She'd better be in jail.

GayRightsWatch said...

Right--looks as if she turned herself in and may be resigning her post in the House. This whole soap opera she's created for herself is pretty pathetic, this coming from me... Daniel I'm surprised you didn't make any remarks my negative comments about a Democrat.

Also - I think they'll stick with a D in that district. Sara is a VERY strong candidate and she only lost by a few hundred votes last time around.

Diesel said...

Of course Corvallis will still vote donkey. They don't know any better.

Bryan, I think the reason Daniel didn't comment on your donkey comment is that you were actually "playing nice" on this post. You weren't cussing, blathering, or otherwise ranting. This shows that we all have at least some deceny left in us :)