Thursday, October 20, 2005

If you don't want to be robbed... you shouldn't have money

City to warn drivers: Hide the bling
The Portland City Council voted 5-0 Wednesday to buy new receipts that remind motorists to remove anything they don't want stolen from their vehicles. The receipts, which cost $116,000, are part of a new campaign to cut the number of car prowls and thefts from parked vehicles downtown. Also coming: large signs featuring McGruff the Crime Dog urging people to be smart when they leave their cars in the urban core.

This is just another reason not to go to Portland. Among other resolutions the council considered telling people:

If you didn't want to be burglarized you shouldn't have bought a home.

If you didn't want to be approached by smelly homeless people asking for money you shouldn't have come downtown.

If you wanted to be home at a decent hour you shouldn't commute through Portland.

If you don't want your car stolen you should ride a bike.

If you don't want to be killed by terrorists then we shouldn't have pulled out of the JTTF... er, never mind.

If you want people to come to your bussiness then you shouldn't have located it downtown.

If you didn't want an eco-terrorist sitting on a ledge of your building then you shouldn't live in a house that's made of trees.

The resolution they didn't consider:
When traveling downtown you are advised to carry a concealed handgun and be prepared to defend yourself from the rampant criminals.


Anonymous said...

Hey, reported crime is down so what do we have to fear?

Robin said...

this is just a Band-Aid because they have refused to enforce the laws and kept playing around with public safety as a threat to try and get more money from us and as a result of their games crime has increased and the criminals no longer fear being incarcerated.

megan said...

I found it interesting the other day when they reported crime down since my little brother just had his car broken into for the THIRD time in less than two months. This time they actually broke a window (the other two times they jimmied in somehow). It's pathetic!


Daniel said...

The question is:

How many jail beds could they open for $116,000. Would it be more effective to lock up the criminals than tell people not to come to Portland with their valuables?

Anonymous said...

Yes, by all means, you can determine a major cities crime statistics and trends by what has happened to your little brother in the last two months.

Best you stay in Sherwood. With your current photo up, I'd say you'd probably get your ass kicked in Portland since you look like a skinhead.

Bob said...

Once the authorities adopt the "having X causes the violation of X." train of thinking, the city is pretty well doomed. There's not much you can do to fix it.

Move while your property is still worth something.

Daniel said...

Anonymous: oooh, I'm so scared...

I thought that Portland was "tolerant"? Why would someone want to kick my ass because of how I look?

But believe me, Sherwood is much better than Portland!

Gunslinger said...

That comment from mr. anonymous has got to be one of the stupidest comments I have read on your blog yet, Daniel.

And speaking of getting your ass kicked, you do have a CCW right?

GayRightsWatch said...


I've seen many more ridiculous things said on this blog... though, more so in the posts themselves.

I have to admit, for all the hate spewing out of Daniel, and then you look at his new picture... it is a thought that crosses your mind.

Ric said...

Megan / Anonymous
Which crimes are down?
Certainly not property crimes in Oregon. Not when you can steal 2 dozen cars and still not have to stay in jail.

Please do not forget that most crimes are committed by males 16-25, and there are less of those. Population is generally down, and do not discount the Roe-effect. Also, incarseration is at a high, so those who have a propensity twords crime cannont. Finally, other than Portland, the country is in economic, growth. People who work, commit less crime.

Former Police Officer said...

So, Daniel spews hate? I guess things like this are hateful:

1. Illegal aliens are criminals by virtue of being in this country.

2. Illegal aliens should not be entitled to our social services.

3. Liberal policy is wrecking our way of life.

4. Disarming law abiding citizens is not the way to stop crime.

Wow, those things are so hateful. Go troll somewhere else Mr. Harding and please get a clue.

As for this topic, I'm a former cop and I NEVER go anywhere without my gun. After seeing literally thousands of good law abiding people victimized by thugs, I refuse to be a victim.

You have a 1 in 1100 chance of being killed in a house fire in your lifetime and I'll bet you have smoke alarms. You have a 1 in 4 chance of being the victim of a violent crime in your lifetime and I'll bet not many of you have a gun, let alone a concealed carry permit.

Mark in Puyallup said...

It bears repeating that the most basic duty of local and state gov't is civil protection, i.e., a police force. It's not education, street sweeping, trash collection, social engineering or even a fire dept.

What do you say about a gov't that punishes and scolds the innocent and protects the guilty? Isn't that the opposite of competence or even legitimacy?

So, CCW permit or no, get a handgun, become trained in its use, harden your heart enough so that you can kill a man with it, and carry it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian, do you liberals go to a lefty training camp or something? You all use the same, trite talking points: "you're hateful" or "you're intolerant" or (my favorite) "Bush lied..."

Are you all so brainwashed you can't even come up with your own material?

BTW, no group excels more at hating than liberals: