Monday, October 24, 2005

Democrats are the most prejudiced people I know

Village Voice Sex Harass Suit
A former editor at The Village Voice, the progressive alternative weekly, claims that he was sexually harassed and exposed to a barrage of crude comments about his gay lifestyle before being unjustly fired last year after 38 years at the New York newspaper.

It's not hard for me to imagine. Lot's folks who voted "NO" on Measure 36 are the first ones to call someone a fag or a homo. They support gay rights only because they like the "anything goes" attitude, not because they value "diversity."

And I just don't understand how Democrats get away with saying that requiring ID to vote would keep black people from voting. How condescending is that? Are they saying that black people don't have drivers licenses? Are black people too stupid to get an ID card? Really, it's "soft" bigotry and it demonstrates underlying prejudices.

My favorite Hillary quote: "You Fucking Jew Bastard!" (yelled at Paul Fray, Clinton advisor)

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