Monday, October 17, 2005

Waste of money Part II

University Park Community Center
A nice little flash intro. Portland government wasted a lot of time on this site rather than say, a sex offender registry site, that would actually fulfill government's real duties: public safety!

The Spanish Google search buttons are above the clearly second-class English search field.

But the best part, new construction! And you know what that means.

Public Art for University Park Community Center (UPPC). RACC is pleased to invite artists/teams working in all media and living in Oregon and Washington to submit qualifications for a Percent for Art project in conjunction with new construction at the University Park Community Center at 9009 N. Foss in North Portland. The art budget is approximately $51,000. Contact Peggy Kendellen, Public Art Manager, at Deadline: 10/31/05.

Public Art Mural Program Polices & Guidelines
Just in case you were worried about any racism going on around this obviously "multicultural" affair, the RACC has made it very clear that they will discriminate:

diversity - race, age, style, media, experimentation, range of professional experience

Race comes before "range of professional experience" you know...

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