Friday, October 07, 2005

Why Mannix is not my candidate Part II

OK, I found this interesting tidbit on the BlueOregon website. Yes, those facists at BlueOregon who try to keep black people from voting. (If I say it over and over then people will assume it's true!)

They had the Oregon League of tree huggers, er, Conservation Voters scoring for the gubernatorial candidates.

The best part is the Mannix scores: "his rating as a Republican in 1999 was 9%. His rating during his previous time when he was a Democrat (remember that?) was 60.5%."

Why the flip-flop Kevin? Was Steve Duin around for this one too?

Less notable but still laughable, Kevin's state elections pamphlet from his (democrat) run for Attorney General lists his educational background as: B.A., Liberal Arts, 1971, law degree, 1974, University of Virginia.

His pamphlet from his (Republican) run for governor list his education background as: Bachelor of Arts and Law Degrees, University of Virginia.

It went from "liberal arts" to simply "arts." (as if there was any other kind)

The question for me is, when Kevin Mannix takes a stance on an issue is it because he truly believes in it? Or is it because it's a political neccessity to further his career?

I'm voting for the principled candidate Senator Jason Atkinson.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am voting for Atkinson for Governor. However I am not in any way affiliated with his campaign. I am criticizing Mannix, and will continue to, but "State Sen. Jason Atkinson, R-Central Point, the other candidate in the race, said he didn't want to attack a fellow Republican." SOURCE (source also happens to be a dig at Mannix, that's a bonus)

The bottom line, I don't mind so-called "attack ads" and "smear campaigns" but Jason does. My blog is my own.


Anonymous said...

I support Kevin Mannix in the primary. If he breaks the Guinness Book world record for most consecutive statewide electoral losses, he'll make Oregon famous!

Gullyborg said...

I say three strikes and YOU'RE OUT!

Daniel said...

Anonymous, I hope that you aren't serious, but if you are, then please tell me why you support Mannix over a candidate like Atkinson.

Anonymous said...

I'll answer my reasons, even though I am not the one in that last post:

-Name ID matters, and KM has years of it developed in elections, with lots of money and work to do it. Nobody knew who JA was outside of Medford until 3 weeks ago. Most people still dont, and wont until they get their ballots.

-KM has a fundraising network that JA wont have

-Crime (particularly Meth) is one of the biggest issues, and KM has a record that includes BM 11, which resulted in a 40% reduction in crime over 10 yrs, according to crime victims united's website.

-Kevin won last time if you take Cox out. No one articulating conservative positions (endorsed by ORTL, CSE, etc) has even come close. Cox is out this time.

-Whenever a defeated OR Republican has run against the guv who beat him, the challenger has won. I think KM will do the same.

-KM was out in front on M36, M7, M28, M30. Where was Atkinson? Did anyone hear his name during the campaigns?

-KM did some great work as party chair, bringing it out of debt, and leading an effort for President Bush that Ed Gillespie singled out in his post-election speech as one of the few top efforts in the country. The other night, Ken Mehlman reiterated it in his speech up there in Washington county. I didn't see anything that JA did to help the Presidential campaign. Granted, he was running for re-election down here, but the point stands...he was not a statewide leader.

-I have been going to Republican Party state meetings for a long time, and other grassroots stuff...I have never seen JA at any party meetings - even when his dad was our chairman i didnt see him. If you want to lead, it might be nice to come and be around when you arent courting votes.

-Hes my senator, and if you want to vote for him, go ahead...he has done a good job as a state senator and he is a really good guy. but I will be voteing for Mannix, because I think he has a better chance at winning and Senator Atkinson needs to get some more exposure on the state level. He'd be a great candidate if we didnt already have someone who can win and is conservative. Since we did, he shouldnt have goten into the race...maybe if he builds his name ID up this time he should focus on taking out turncoat Gordon Smith in '08. But if anyone should bow out, it is the "other candidate", Jason Atkinson.

Anonymous said...

Mannix would NOT have won if Cox wasn't in the race.
1) Libertarians typically prefer the GOP to the Dems by a 2 to 1 margin. Under that assumption, Mannix would pick up 3points and Teddy would pick up 1.5. Final vote: Teddy wins 50.5 to 49.5
2) 30-50% of third party voters either don't vote or write someone in if they don't have a candidate. That would mean Mannix would really only pick up 2 points without Cox vs 1 point for TK. TK wins 50-48.5
3) Mannix is MUCH less appealing to a libertarian voter than your average Republican. This is a guy who CONSTANTLY brags about how he's passed more laws than any other legislator in Oregon history.
4) Polls supported this, showing that Cox was pulling roughly equally from Mannix and Kulongoski.

It is patently absurd to claim that Tom Cox cost Kevin Mannix the election. Tom Cox cost Ted Kulongoski a mandate by denying him an outright majority.