Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Only Spanish speakers should apply

(Benefit Consultant - Bilingual, Spanish)

$2,258 - $3,121 MONTHLY
(This salary includes a 5% bilingual differential.)

This position is with the Workers' Compensation Division, Compliance Section, Benefit Consultation Unit, of the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS), and is located in Salem.

As you know from my previous post, the DCBS doesn't want to know if illegal aliens are getting wokers comp benefits.

"The Board supported the general policy that our employees not seek out or report immigration status of any parties who come before this agency."

But the bigger problem for me is that we need benefits workers who speak Spanish. How does a worker get by at a job if they speak no English? Could someone who doesn't speak English function as your co-worker? No.

But some jobs have become Spanish-speaking only positions. If anything is keeping Americans from doing certain jobs that illegal aliens do then it is this. Just as someone who speaks no English couldn't function working with people who don't speak Spanish, an English speaker couldn't work at a construction job site where his co-workers don't speak the same language.

Why would you bother applying to work in agriculture if you have a different culture and language than everyone else? How could you possibly work in a restraunt kitchen if you can't even communicate with the other cooks?

Farmers, contractors and restraunt owners need to stop saying that they can't find American workers if the current majority of their workforce is Spanish speaking.


Robin said...

in addition, by including a 5% bilingual differential are they saying that Spanish is better than English? Isn't that discrimination by paying somebody 5% more just because they happen to know Spanish.

Are they saying that the American people are not worth anything?

Is it going to take another civil war to get our country back?

I for one do not want to know how to speak Spanish, and I resent the fact that for me to get a job that it may become a requirement is just wrong!

Anonymous said...

Pienso que todo el esto prueba apenas cómo racista usted todo es. , los inmigrantes legales a los E.E.U.U., somos una fuerza cada vez mayor. Hablamos español y tan sí, los servicios de gobierno deben arquear a nosotros y darnos el diferencial. ¡Desea México vivo!

Gullyborg said...


I demand that you translate your posts into Spanish because my grandmother came here from Mexico and you are violating something. I am not sure what, but I demand that you bow to my whim and cater to my needs.

Even though I don't speak Spanish, because my grandmother insisted that her children be raised as Americans and speak English.

But that's not the point!

Daniel said...

A google translation of the anonymous post:

I think that all the this test hardly how racist you everything are, the legal immigrants to the E.E.U.U., we are a force every greater time. We spoke Spanish and so yes, the services of government must bend us and give the differential us. It wishes alive Mexico!

To which I reply: If you are an illegal alien you should know that I consider it my work to make sure that you get deported.

Foxtrot13 said...

Only a government agency would offer a pay raise if your actually are qualified for what they want.

Jason the Outspoken said...

So it is your recommendation that we simply make life impossible for the the largest immigrant minority group on the west coast. Most Spanish speakers I know are trying to learn English - but guess what, it takes a lot of time.

Con respeto a la persona que escribio en espanol - ud. tiene razon en algunas cosas. Pero el problema es que a veces nos sentimos como el gobierno esta agachandose a los inmigrantes al costo de nosotros nacidos aca.

Your Spanish comentator is right in some respects. It is a fact that legal immigrants to the US are becoming a larger and larger part of society - and as such - as a practical matter we have to make some accomodations. At the same time, they have a responsibility to integrate into society. Part of integration is learning the language spoken. And many imigrants do just that. But it takes a lot of time and effort, especially for adults.

If the state gives a miserable 5% differential for people who bring additional, useful skills to their job - so much the better. Spanish speakers are going to interact with state agencies - it's a simple fact. How much faster (and therefore more cost effective) is it to have someone on staff who can communicate with these people. Or do you prefer to see a state employee waste time trying to use a spanish-english dictionary when trying to explain to someone what they must do to comply with the law?

Not everyone who speaks Spanish is here illegally.

A proposito - frases como eso de Mexico - aunque se la pueda entender - es un ejemplo del problema de que muchos inmigrantes efectivamente niegan de integrarse. Esta bien tener carinio por el pais que le dio el nacer. Pero como ud. se siente si yo, viviendo en Mexico, exigo que los mexicanos me acomoden y me den servicios y documentos en ingles? No pasara.

Gullyborg said...

I think the anonymous "spanish speaker" was a flamer who used a translating tool to post. I say this because the amount of grammatical error indicates two degrees of artificial intelligence in the translation.

Jason the Outspoken said...

I have to agree with gullyborg's analysis of the anonymous, alleged Spanish speaker. I found the grammer so odd that I asked my wife for her opinion. She (a native speaker) couldn't make much sense of it either - and now, looking at it again - I think your right. Especially the last part - "desea mexico vivo." The grammar is a command - telling you to want mexico alive. It makes no sense.