Monday, October 17, 2005

The "people's media" coverage of the rally

While we were ignored by The Oregonian (too busy covering a new "mixed-use" building, how exciting) and the Statesmen Journal (too busy with marching bands) and all the tv networks (too busy doing "meth watch" updates that are purely for shock value) the media of the people, the internet, has plenty of stories on the Minuteman rally on Saturday.

Check out Citizen Caucus (whose founders were at the rally) and their slide show.

Oregon Conservative (whose founder was at the rally) has another great article.

For stories from the tolerance crowd check out Portland's "indymedia" and the folks over at BlueOregon who are famous for trying to keep black people from voting. (If I keep saying it over and over then people will believe that it's true!)

A Google news search for the terms "minutemen" "rally" "Salem" reveal the Statesmen Journals pre-announcement of the event and a BlueOregon headline calling us "Xenophobes."

Traditional media be dammed, we all know that if it came to a vote of the people we would not issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens, we would not give them government benefits, we would not print every government document in Spanish, and we would not allow them to continue to come here to sell drugs and rape our women.

We would vote to deport them immediately. The folks in the media can ignore our rally but they can't ignore that fact.


Gunslinger said...

I like how the BlueOregon tag line sums up their outlook: Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Blue, Whatever. Yeah, whatever!

Anyway, I actually think I know the guy who wrote that article. He was either a teacher at my high school, or his son. They both were named Bob. And I disliked them both quite a bit.

Do you suppose the media has a "if we ignore them they will go away" attitude? I never got an email back from a single media outlet. I will let you know if I do. Jerkoffs. I like the idea of starting our own media outlet. Put me down for ten bucks worth of VC!

thomas said...

From the indymedia, this gem--

'Three hour man' writes,
"So now a bunch of pot bellied , rifle toting racists are 'American Heroes' What does that make the American Institution? If these losers arent racists , then I imagine that there are an equal number of them patrolling the Canadian border, keeping out those white Canucks...right? These bastards think that they can drape their racism in the flag and somehow make it acceptable..."

Unbelievable! (Does this guy know there are many Hispanics that are part of the Minute-men on the Southern border?) And as far as the Northern borders: didn't a few guys with bombs, and/or grenades, try to slip into this country? Yes, they were caught by Border Patrol, but, what if...?

Why is racism assumed just because Americans want to keep their country from being overrun by illegal, and possibly dangerous, people?
The "open borders" crowd wouldn't be so quick to judge these volunteers (not 'vigilanties', thank you, Mr Bush) if their families lives were threatened by one of these illegals that the "pot-bellied, rifle toting(he forgot to mention beer-swilling)racists" weren't able to catch because they weren't on the job trying to protect *his* (socialist?) butt.
And of course then we have "Moral-Equivalency" thrown in for good measure,i.e. The kkk.

I have short patience for stupidity, and this guy comes close to the line. But I'll have to cut him some slack, there is the possibility he was educated in a government school, funded by loser, pot-bellied, gun-toting racists like myself.(The only thing true about my descripion of myself is that I'm a gun-toting American)

That is all.

Daniel said...

Thomas, the funny thing is: one of the Minutemen at the rally just came back from protecting the northern border!

Tony said...

If I hate Canadian socialists, does that make me a racist?

Ric said...

Be sure to checkout the Washington Times story from today.

The poor vendors in Mexico are suffering due to a decrease in tourism.

What caused that decrease ... could it be murder, mahem and violence?

The FBI is going in, but we don't get more border agents?

This is telling:
"I offer this plan, not because it is the state's responsibility to control the federal border, but because the state of Texas cannot wait for the federal government to implement needed border security measures," -- Texas Govenor Rick Perry

This is not just the issue for the southern border states. If we make "those people" feel welcome here, Oregon, then we can expect to find bullet ridden bodies around our neighorhoods too.

(use of scare quotes and verbage intentional - motivation - we need to get involved at rally's or campaign stops to let those who are being elected know, that we don't want that kind of violence. They must work to prevent it.
"those people" refers to criminals such as smugglers, murderers and rapists )

Bob said...

"If I hate Canadian socialists, does that make me a racist?"

No, it makes you discerning.