Sunday, October 02, 2005

Random things that piss me off

If I was independently wealthy I would do nothing but hire lawyers to sue these people/groups out of existence.

For ALL Students Regardless of Immigration Status
Para TODO estudiante sin importar su estatus inmigratorio

Who provides scholarships that violate federal law by discriminating on the basis of race, national origin or sexual orientation? Just a few of the many:
Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)/Club Musica Latino (CML)-Scholarship Program
*Applicants must be of Hispanic background, Club Musica Latino members, and entering freshmen or sophomores at a four year college.

PFLAG-HATCH Youth Scholarship Program
* Graduating lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender student.

From a government FAQ:

Public health services delivered by local health departments and OHS are delivered to everyone regardless of citizenship. As with all public health programs and all reportable diseases, OHS has no obligation or intent to work with the Immigration & Naturalization Service to share information about undocumented persons.

From a health law website:

Oregon Update: As of March 1, 2000, undocumented Oregonians can prequalify for an emergency Medicaid "CAWEM" card good for 6 months. So long as they qualify they may continue to receive it every 6 months, and it is limited to the emergency services.

Multnomah County RESOLUTION NO. 03-147 (from an Oregon AFL-CIO website)
The Board endorses four basic principles in the Immigrant Worker Freedom Ride agenda:

A road to citizenship with clearer steps to follow for immigrants who already work and pay taxes to gain a green card.

Family reunification, to help bring workers’ family members still living in their native countries to the United States; there are decade-long waiting lists for some countries.

Workplace rights, regardless of immigration status, an issue of concern since a 2002 Supreme Court decision found that an immigrant worker with false documents could be denied back pay.

Civil rights and civil liberties, in response to immigrants being detained and deported in federal terrorism investigations.

Imagine that, a worker who is not eligible to work and who lied to get his job might not get his back pay. What's next? Bank robbers won't get to keep their stolen money after they get caught? The injustice of it all...

I've also notice that liberals who use considerable energy to convince us that we could do just fine without our cars have a different view when it comes to illegal aliens. I hear them make arguments like "they can't do their grocery shopping" or "get to neccessary doctor's appointments" without a state issued drivers license.

What, are illegal aliens too good to take the bus? Couldn't they just go to their shopping on those "multi-use paths" that ODOT loves to build?

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