Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mac Johnson Column

PBS Peddles New Online Leftist Indoctrination to Children
Cheeko cawed forth the question again: “People want to drill for oil in this area even though it is a wildlife preserve. What is your vote?” Below the freakish FrankenMonkey were two potential votes, “YES” or “NO.” The Texas part of me immediately took over. “Well, yes, for Pete’s sake,” I thought. I’d drill for oil through the family cemetery if I thought it would reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 0.00001%. So I clicked “Yes,” much to the horror of the boy, who knew very well what “No” looks like, but just wanted me to come play the game with him. “NO, DAD, DON”T!” he cried. But it was too late.

Cheeko pounced on us. Being a liberal abomination, he was too worried about our self-esteem to tell us that we were wrong, but squawked out instead “Here’s a better choice. Oil keeps our homes comfortable and provides us with electricity, but removing oil from a wildlife preserve can hurt the land, plants, and animals. -8 points.” “MINUS EIGHT POINTS!!!???” the boy shouted, then looked at me as if I had stepped on his goldfish and said “Why did you do that, Dad?”

Wow, looks like Bill Moyers may have retired from his evening show on PBS and now controlls the childrens website.

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thomas said...

Mr. Johnson ends by saying:
"... when a government-owned network spends so much of its efforts attracting an audience of children, this moral issue is magnified substantially. Telling my children what to think about political issues is just plain wrong. It should be stopped. The government should get out of the broadcasting business entirely, and let PBS be funded solely by “viewers like you". "

I shudder to think what awaits the next generation if indoctrination of the kind presented by PBS continues unchecked.

Parents, "teach your children well".
Or, as a much wiser man than I said, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." [ The book of Proverbs Ch.22 v6]

Daniel said...

Proverbs is full of truths!

As for PBS, it's time to defund the only network where Bill Moyers could stay on for so many years.