Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Every holiday but the American ones

Monday was Columbus day, an American holiday. But Oregon's calendar of "diversity events" makes no mention of this day. Rather they focus on:

Oct 12 NATIONAL DAY IN SPAIN. This holiday commemorates the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus and Spain’s gaining of a colonial empire.
Good enough for Spain, not good enough for America.

Oct 12 TALK AND DISCUSSION: "COLUMBUS: HERO OR MENACE?" Chemeketa Community College, Multicultural Center, Salem, Oregon. 1-2:30pm. Free. All welcome. Instructor Taylor Marrow will speak. Sponsored by the Multicultural Center and the Cultural Forum. INFO: 503/399-5143.
I'm guessing that Columbus won't be refered to as a "hero" at this talk. Something along the lines of "genocidal maniac who began America's colonialism and oppression of indigeounous people" is probably what you would here.

Oct 12-13 INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ DAY. Chemeketa Community College, Student and Multicultural Centers, Salem, Oregon. 10am-3pm. Free. All welcome. Sponsored by the Multicultural Center and the Cultural Forum. INFO: 503/399-5143.
This is celebrated because "In recent years, the holiday (Columbus Day) has been rejected by many people who view it as a celebration of conquest and genocide. In its place, Indigenous Peoples Day is celebrated. "

Can one of you goo liberals explain to me how you got this way? Did your mothers not love you?


Anonymous said...

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Bob said...

Time to turn on that word verification mebbe?

It should be pointed out that the "idiginous peoples" that Columbus encounterd very often enslaved and ate each other.

Gunslinger said...

I took about 5 days of a history class from Talyor Marrow at Chemeketa. That was as long as I could stand his rhetoric.

His opinion was that we should not have a holiday based on a person who stumbled onto a continent, then proceded to wipe out an entire race of people. If I understood his postiont correctly, Columbus was also responsible for the plight of the native Americans during the 1800's. He was a whack job in my opinion, and I got the hell out of his class. It was utterly amazing though to not see one person disagree with him as he was carrying on with diarrhea of the mouth.

thomas said...

I, as a proud American-Italian, say-Happy COLUMBUS DAY! (Alas, *another* American holiday hijacked/discarded by the PC left!)

Many might wonder why I say "American-Italian" rather than the other way around...because I was born HERE, and am American first. My relatives came to this country to become Americans, and though they were proud to be Italians, they were prouder still to become Americans.
Liberals, stop trying to make a salad out of a melting pot. Learn the real history of this country,not the left-leaning PC version. Be proud of it's past and hopefull for her future. Sure we've made some terrible mistakes as we have grown to become "the greatest country on God's green Earth"(hattip to Michael Medved), but the strides we've made forward must surely outweigh the slips made along the way.
Stop trying to destroy the very country that gives you the God-given, constitutionaly-protected right to be a bloomin' idiot!

That is all.

Quant Trader said...

One of my favorite highschool memories was the look on my History teacher's face, where after she had just completed a nice lecture about all of the horrible things European descendants had done to the American Indians and how guilty we should feel, my friend raised his hand and said "I'm proud that my ancestors kicked ass!".