Friday, October 21, 2005


For my Friday night rant I think I'll start with a list of things that bug me:

1. Illegal aliens.

2. Gay marriage and the whole gay agenda, which is to destroy the nucleur family.

3. Affirmative action. It's racism.

4. The fact that republicans insist on prefacing statements on the above issues with "I'm not prejudiced..." as if we have something to apologize for when anyone with a brain (this disqualifies 99% of liberals) realizes that these are common sense positions.

5. The Oregonian. I'm cancelling my subscription tommorow. At the very least they will end up calling me in two days and offering me 3 free weeks again. (I do this frequently)

6. The fact that rap music is tolerated. Isn't selling crack, slapping bitches, and shooting rival gang members something that should be avoided? Why is this music becoming more mainstream?

7. Craig Morgan. I just want to buy his "redneck yacht club" song but he doesn't offer it as a single download for $.99. You have to buy the whole album.

8. People who steal music. Pay for it like the rest of us. You are criminals.

9. Celebreties. I'm not sure why the general population is facinated with you and your dysfunctional relationships. You are worthless and in my America you would be mocked and ridiculed.

10. Bush meeting with Bono... and "P-diddy." What the hell is that? Is Bono some political intellectual? Does the guy even have a brain? And doesn't P-diddy rap about selling crack? How about you meet with Ann Coulter? How about you meet with someone conservative? Why don't you call in to the Lars Larson show? Why do you insist on courting people who are going to hate you no matter what? AAAAHHHHHH.

11. Christians who vote democrat. Are you stupid? It's our job to bring Jesus to more people. Democrats hate that idea. You can't "respect" someone elese's religion because if you are a Christian you realize that the only way to Heaven is through Jesus. Don't you want everyone to go to Heaven?

12. Lorna Youngs. If I won the Powerball I would sue you endlessly. I would build something that give government more taxes where your house is so I could take it through eminent domain.

13. Eminent domain. You think you can take my house? From my cold dead hands.

14. Black people. Hah, you liberals thought that I was serious huh? But even me joking about this subject is enough for you to label me a "racist" isn't it? Sure, black comedians will make fun of my dancing abilities, call me a square, say that I have a small penis, insist that I'm not "hip" (I'm not) all because I'm white. But heaven forbid that I make a black joke.

15. People accepting political correctness. I don't. If I ever get a chance to become a public figure I'm going to make the most outrageous statements you can imagine. Then, when I'm asked to retract them I'm going to say something more outrageous.

16. The OLCC. Why is liquor so expensive? What about the "have-nots" and the "working poor" and the "underpriveliged?" Don't they deserve a drink?

17. People who drive foreign cars. Don't you like America?

18. People who drive foreign cars and have anti-Bush bumper stickers. You don't even support your fellow Americans. Shut up.

19. Bi-partisanship. That just means we all got screwed.

20. Things that are "european." It really bugs me.

21. Needle exchange programs. I mean really, why do we help criminals use drugs? I don't really care if they get AIDS. It's called "there are consequences for your actions."

22. Kids movies that feature people like "snoop dogg." (not a typo, there are two "g's" in dog) Why does this drug addict get paid to be in children's movies?

23. Public art. I just don't enjoy it at all.

24. Taxpayer funded abortion. How about we give all citizens guns at taxpayer expense? Guns actually are in the constitution, and not the made up part either.

25. People who think that they are tough on the internet. Stop leaving me "you'll get your ass kicked" comments from the comfort and anonymity of your mom's basement. No one thinks you are a man.

26. People who hate Joe McCarthy. He was a great American.

27. People who continue the propaganda against Joe McCarthy. You are probably communists.

28. This list. I have to end it or I will become bitter. That and I'm out of whiskey...


Anonymous said...

Dear Dan: get rid of the Posts with links that adverstise....It's not your fault, but figure a way to knock out ROD....AND FRIENDS!

Anonymous said...

The Oregonian. I'm cancelling my subscription tommorow. At the very least they will end up calling me in two days and offering me 3 free weeks again. (I do this frequently)

Please do mine as well, I'm sick of their support for dangerous, criminally insane people moving in groups of five next to schools.

I'm not to happy that they support anybody on the city council.

Lets not think that Pat Buchanan's book about the death of the WEST as we know it,seems about 5 yrs or less away.

Ask One PDX councilman about why it takes 5 days in Amsterdam to "study" a train.

What has Randy Leonard done for us ????


My rant's/b------, and questions, GOD I feel better.

Diesel said...

Actually Danny, Joe McCarthy never had any proof of any of his accusations. You could almost (again, I said almost) compare him to Michael Moore. But Joe didn't have as many TV cameras. And he wasn't as fat. But other than that... :)

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I love America, but our cars SUCK! Most of them are made in Mexico or Canada anymore, anyhow. A car is the #2 investment of ones lifetime. I will not spend all that money & not get the best re-sale value or carftsmanship or dependability. GM, & Ford have had 3 decades to be competittive and their cast-iron pushrod, gutless cars SUCK! J.D. Powers re-sale, initial ownership and customer satisfaction surveys all prove this as well as Motor Trend, Car & Driver, Road & Track & Consumer Reports. A Honda V-6 is as smooth as butter as has much more horsepower than a Chevy or Ford, Dinosaur V-6 & fully independent double wishbone suspension, NOT a solid axle with drum brakes. That NEW Mustang is the first chassis change since 1957 for Mustangs. The last chassis was described as being as firm as cooked Spagetthi, particularily the convertible.
Many Japanese cars ARE built in America now, anyhow. I am glad they don't use UNION'S, cause union's are nothing but a Liberal Demon-crat funding machine. America is all about FAIR competition & we have had plenty of chances to be more competitve.
Why is Toyota on their 2nd editon of their Prius Hybrid & has 4 different hybrid models and Honda, Civic & Accord Hybrid(263 H.P.! & 38 m.p.g.)? Hello GM? Ford? Dodge? (Escape and GM truck hybrid's SUCK!) Honda is NOW selling a HYROGEN model in L.A.
GM & Ford will not exist in 20 years, it is too bad 'cause WE started the Car biz.

Daniel said...

Oh Don, I can see that I am going to have to do a "why McCarthy was a hero" post...

And anonymous, I think that I will post the phone number tommorow so that we can all cancel our fishwrapper subscriptions together.

Anonymous#1, I could use word verification but I don't like anything that could prevent people from commenting. It would be like a poll tax... Oh no wait, it wouldn't. I suppose that I could be condescending and say that black people wouldn't be able to comment but that's not true either. Hmmm. I just try to delete the spam as it comes up.

Anonymous said...

Well said Daniel.

Oh yes, if you want to put some serious hurt on The Big O (the Ad Paper)simply go to Craig's List.

P.S. Real Estate Ads are the The Big O's cash cash cow.

MAX Redline said...

Does somebody still subscribe to the Oregroanian? I cancelled my subscription over a year ago. And you know what? I haven't missed it.

Gunslinger said...

HOLY CRAP! I am going to have to do a data and fact filled posting about U.S. automakers! Anonmymous #3 The first thing that stands out in your post is how little you know about cars. The mustang was first built in the ford falcon chassis and introduced mid-year 1964, and marketed as a 64& 1/2. The mustang 2 (Ok, this one sucked) shared the steering components of the pintos. the 1979 mustang used the ford Fairmont chassis, and continued to use it until 1994. The 94 used a fully redesigned chassis. Do little research before you spew your garbage here. According to Honda's website, the accord hybrid has 255 Hp and gets 37 mpg HWY. Fully independant double wishbone suspension. . . Do you even know what this is? Gm had been putting independent 3-link suspensions in their passenger cars since the early 90's. The top three selling vehicles in America for over the last 5 years? Number 1- Ford F-150, #2- Chevy Silverado. #3- Dodge Ram. Last year ford sold more than double the units of the #4 car, Toyota Camry. Do a little research, and go buy a car that can help support an American company. Don't just regurgitate things ou have heard on a commercial, brochure, or on Fast and the Furious.

Allen said...

I'm looking forward to #29 and #30 as they gotta be dandy's.

Thanks for having the courage to speak your mind.

I doubt if whisky had anything to do with your bravery.

Daniel said...

I just don't buy into the argument that an American consumer can't find a single American automobile that he/she likes.

And while I don't know much about cars (it looks like Gunslinger does) I do know that I want to do my best to support my country and fellow citizens. Internet research makes car shopping very easy...

The list could go on forever Allen... unfortunately my bottle couldn't.

And I did cancel my subscription today.

Tim Lewis said...

anonymous = pwned by gunslinger

Gunslinger said...

Uber pwned, because I am L33t.

Sorry Daniel, for using geeky gamer slang in here.

Daniel said...

Gunslinger, what makes you think that I'm not a geeky gamer? What games do you and Tim play?

I went back to DOD after playing CS:Source and waiting for DOD:Source to come out but I thought that you got it free with the retail of HL2 but it only comes with the Steam version.

I refuse to pay for it in protest.


Anonymous said...

If you look back at the MacArthy era and look at those whom he accused of "Communist" affiliation, it turns out that after all these years later.....he was right. Many of those that were branded communists, were actually members of the Communist Party of America.

Daniel said...

Anonymous, the "McCarthyism" folks don't like details like the fact that he was actually right.

The best thing I have ever read on McCarthy was a chapter in Ann Coulter's book Treason. She goes over the facts (with footnotes) better than anyone else I have heard on the subject.

peod in Oregon said...

Don't forget, one of McCarthy's main legal pitbulls was none other than Bobby Kennedy.

Ric said...

Cars - Define "Made in America"

The Auto business is very international.

The so-called foreign cars are often manufactured in the US - in-sourced.
Other foreign cars create jobs for longshoreman.

Some thought to be US cars, like the Crown Vic, are partially built in the US by assembled in Canada or Mexico. This, due to the "smart" laws we have, releases those vehicles from the fleet (all the cars from one manufacturer) polution/mileage requirements.

So, are the Hondas that are designed, built and sold exclusively in the US an import?

If you start counting component parts that are made overseas, then pretty much all vehicles will turn out to be foreign.

Ric said...

Anon #3
GM has 2 Hydrogen powered vehicles, and more on the drawing board.

I wonder what the environmental wackos will think seeing the H2H ?

( H2 is the mid-sized Hummer, the second H refers to Hydrogen. Govenor Arny has one )

Ric said...

re: Gay marriage and the whole gay agenda, which is to destroy the nucleur family.

Did you read Maggies posts over on Volkh?
(starts with the link)

I know this is surprising, especially in the blogsphere, but some people actually disagreed with her.

Ric said...

re: #6, #14, etc

Tolerance is not Tolerant.

The Gay agenda for example. This is not about tolerance, it is about acceptance - they want to be fully accepted and will settle for nothing less.

What about our views? Things like
- Those who don't work, don't eat.
- Do unto others, as thou would have others do unto you.
- Life is sacred, only God gets to end it.
- There is right and wrong, and you know it. How do I know that? Because you can feel that you have been wronged.

Kaelri said...

Sorry, I'll try not to get liberal slime on the furniture.

2. Ah, irony. To create a family is the only right they demand. What threat does gay marriage pose to the traditional family? How many homosexuals would be forming traditional families otherwise?

3. You'll be shocked to discover that a liberal agrees with you on a few points. More than a few points, in fact, this being one of the least likely examples.

11. Statements such as this one, however, betray a lack of any earthly idea what you're talking about.

14. I don't like either, actually.

15. And I applaud you for doing so, though you probably won't make it past the primaries anyway. "Politically correct" and "outrageous" are not the only two choices.

17. They like America fine; the Japanese just happen to be really good at making cars. Not to mention the fact that hybrid cars from such infidels as Honda are decreasing pollution and our dependence on foreign oil...

18. Hi, 61% of the country speaking. The President is not holy; criticizing him is not treason.

19. Heaven forbid the two most powerful political forces in the country could actually agree on something.

21. We pay for "the consequences of their actions" with tax dollars. Compare the cost of providing clean needles to the cost of hospitalizing thousands of brand new AIDS victims.

25. Ah, irony...

Daniel said...

As far as what constitutes "domestic" products. There is a clear definition by law: It is either produced in this country of has had 50% value added by a manufacturing process done in this country.

A Honda may then technically be domestic but it still isn't an American company.

Ric, tolerance is a very one-way street with liberals and the radical gays. They are not interested in our point of view at all.

Kaelri, I enjoy your comments. You're welcome to slime the furniture here any day. But I can't believe that you support needle exchange programs, you seem like such a reasonable liberal. Life is more than finding the cheapest solution, sometimes you have to punish bad behavior.

Tim Lewis said...

Bad behavior...child molesters just want to be accepted too...and other criminals. Maybe we should just "accept" them.

Kaelri said...

"But I can't believe that you support needle exchange programs, you seem like such a reasonable liberal. Life is more than finding the cheapest solution, sometimes you have to punish bad behavior."

Agreed. So it's not enough to support or defend this needle exchange; far too wishy-washy. If it is our government's sincere position that consuming recreational drugs is a crime against society and the state, we must not only ban needle exchange but refuse treatment to those who, knowing the risks, used second-hand needles and were nonetheless screwed by AIDS. (I imagine this is the stance you'd prefer - the alternative is of course in the direction of drug legalization, and that, in the words of Sam Seaborne, is a whole 'nother can of tuna.)

Happy you enjoyed my comments. As you might guess, I usually frequent blogs on the other side of the aisle - Tom Tomorrow and Bob Harris and their ilk - but, as ever, know thy enemy, know thyself. :)

And really, getting you to simply acknowledge the existence of a "reasonable liberal" is a good day's work for me.

Gullyborg said...

I would drive an American car, but I have to get a job and some income first. Until then, I'll keep driving the used Toyota that is paid in full.

My goal is to be able to buy a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee, a brand new Dodge Dakota, and a brand new Chevy Corvette (list subject to change as model years come and go) within 10 years of graduation.

Gunslinger said...

Would taht be the Corvette Z06, the car that made #2 on the list of the ten fastest stock cars ever to run the Nuremburg ring? That's right, a stock american car (those are the ones that can't handle worth a crap remember) came in just ten seconds off the Porsche Carrera GT with a time of 7Min, 42 Seconds.

Oh yeah, there were NO Asian cars anywhere near that list. So take your RX-7s, Skylines, and Supras and go back to the kiddy table.

By the way, for you who don't know, Nuremburg is a 14.2 mile test ring with 170 official turns, and rises and falls over 1000 feet in elevation in that distance.

And the porsche that is ten seconds faster, costs $450,000.

Anonymous said...

also, I believe that porsche isn't street legal in the USA without additional smog gear that has a noticeable negative impact on its performance. in other words, the stock vette beats the porsche after it has been made to comply with american emission standards.

Gunslinger said...

That sounds right. Those would be the smog laws that Sleepy Ted wants all of oregon to be forced to comply with. Ask a Klamath county farmer if he thinks there is a smog problem in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

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Edward said...

You're a cock... I don't like the things that bug you and your american ideals suck. At least you're brave enough to post them.

Terry said...

I'm a Christian (been one for 25 years) and have a hard, hard time voting for Republicans. You see, I'm also a working poor person, and in my experience, Republicans have been more inclined to hose me economically (with regressive taxes) than Democrats. I lived in Michigan at a time when Republicans engineered a huge tax shift which left me with fewer dollars in my pocket while they bragged it was the largest tax cut in Michigan history. It was a huge snow job on the bottom third of Michigan residents who were taken to the cleaners by their Republican "friends." These same Republicans created a vast new tax-and-spend constituency eager to vote themselves free money stolen from poor people. (Yes, this constituency literally gets to vote for free money through a tax they don't have to pay.) Those working at the bottom of the economy - especially if they don't have children - have little reason to trust Republicans on taxes.