Monday, October 24, 2005

Don't let them fool you, they have money

*Now Hiring*
Cultural Competency & Workforce Diversity Manager
$3,794 - $5,334 MONTHLY
(Plus a ton of benefits)

This employment opportunity is with Health Services, Oregon State Hospital, which is part of the Department of Human Services (DHS).

Designs, develops and manages a hospital-wide cultural competence and workforce diversity program, with measurable goals and objectives, that compliments and supplements cultural competence and diversity activities currently in place. Participates with Human Resources in recruitment and retention of diverse staff and persons with disabilities.

While they are whining about not being able to provide enough health care to it's citizens (and non-citizens), the state of Oregon spends it's DHS dollars on cultural competency managers.

Government doesn't have enough money like a crack addict doesn't have enough money. They both simply choose to spend what money they have, on garbage.


Tony said...

And speaking of cultural diversity, could I get a plug for the conference on border security?

I'm sure that people as diverse as Mark Krikorian and Tom Tancredo and Sherriff Joe will have lots of culturally competent and diverse things to say about the diversity of things that happen in our cities and the rich cultural heritage that is daily reflected on the southern border.

(And Daniel, I know you are hesitant, but it might be time to fight the google-coms and turn on the word verification.)

Daniel said...

That looks like a great conference! Wish that I could attend.

I know Tony, the SPAM is slowly breaking my will...

Anonymous said...

Looks as DHS's blue sky morning has turned shades of red!! Can we hope for more? Please.

Oregon Live has this news Flash.

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Inaccurate revenue predictions are taking a sizable bite out of a $150 million cushion in the 2005-07 state budget, according to state officials who will report to a legislative panel this week.

Economists had forecast that $153 million would be left over when the two-year budget ends in June 2007.

But that estimate is being reduced by $55 million — mainly because of flawed estimates about how much federal money would flow into the Human Services Department, said interim Human Resources Director Bryan Johnston.

Anonymous said...

Live Sex acts, Licenses to illegal immigrants, thought police at WSU, now a diversity coordinator. These libs need a big SLAP DOWN. Oh that’s right, can't do that.

We are now watching the liberal MELTDOWN.

Enjoyed your post.