Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oregon doesn't discrimante based on age, sex, criminal status...

From the Oregon Employment Department:

The Employment Department is an equal opportunity agency and does not discriminate in providing services on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, nation of origin, age, disability, political affiliation or belief, citizenship, or marital status.

Apparently they offer equal opportunities to people who have broken our immigration and labor laws. Violate the employment laws all you want, the deparment charged with enforcing them simply doesn't care!

For those of you who read my site and don't speak English, the state offers employment info on Spanish only pages as well:
HTML page with translation

.PDF version in Spanish (complete with "working in Oregon" state logo)


Dare!PDX said...

Think about this, we live in a state where a kid can get suspended from school for showing up to school with a butter knife. This is critical public policy.

BUT, that same kid could show up to school a direct beneficiary of illegal immigration and NO PROBLEM. In fact while we are at it, how about a free bus-pass, free english as a second language and counciling for your parents. Hey summers approaching, how about a summer job at tax payer expense.
Wait a minute, is that a butter knife - OKAY YOU'VE GONE TO FAR, your suspended!!!!!

Bob said...

Has anyone filed suit against these agencies who provide services to illegals?

Daniel said...

I would love to find a lawyer who supports our cause. I know that one lawyer has talked with OFIR about lawsuits but it takes some money.

Jason the Outspoken said...
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Jason the Outspoken said...

In neither the English or Spanish versions does it say anything about "illegal aliens" receiving help from the agency. The fact that they specify that their services are not dependent upon citizenship is a reasurance to any immigrant (yes even legal ones) that they too can use agency services. The assumption that this clause specifically invites "illegal aliens" is flawed.

I did not read, in either version, that they don't check papers and employment eligibility. It is a fact that the People's State of Oregon hands out benefits to people who don't qualify; but assuming that the citizenship reference is an invitation to "illegal aliens" is flawed. If that were the intent then it would have said "regardless of immigration status." Many legal immigrants whom I know do not know that they have a right to access programs such as this. They assume that because they are only green card holders (whether by a student visa or through residency), but not citizens, that they don't qualify. Isn't it better for all of us if those who are legally entitled to work, do so?

For those of you who are not biligual, I'll let you in on a secret. Even when your second language skills are excellent, and people mistake you for a native speaker of the language, you still have a tough time with legal documents such as this. The formal writing style, the vocabulary, etc. make it hard to understand exactly what is being said. I prefer that the state put important information in the native language of our largest immigrant population because I want them to be able to comply with the law. Keeping them ignorant only promotes noncomliance. (Hmm. I suppose in that case they shouldn't do it - after all noncompliant people generate more revenue through fines and penalties. See Atlas Shrugged.)

Blaming "illegal aliens" for every problem in society is a great way for the government to distract us. "Illegal aliens" are a symptom, not the disease. The disease is corruption at all levels, which enables people to freely enter and stay in this country illegally. The corruption relies upon cheap labor, and illegal voting, to maintain its power. That's the real problem. (I think I'll write something about that for my blog.)