Monday, October 24, 2005

In my America...

National Lawyers Guild Honors PCUN and PCUN Leader
At its convention in Portland on October 29th, the Guild honors PCUN and PCUN Secretary Treasurer Larry Kleinman receives the Guild's "Carol King Award" recognizing long-time advocacy and defense of immigrants.

If I was Supreme Dictator for Life (aka a federal judge) then groups such as PCUN (the illegal alien union) and the Lawyer's Guild (immature children with law degrees) would be banned, their members imprisoned and their assets seized.

For a good dose of laughter, abeit scary laughter, take a look at what the "Guild" supports and opposes. As for PCUN, they have aided and abetted in the invasion of America.


Thomas Banning said...

I am glad there are illegals coming to this country. They do work that many worthless conservatives won't do.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.


PS I went to PCUN and "The Guild" and donated 10 bucks to each. Thanks for the heads up!

jwalker said...

Did you seen the al franken "skit" promoting his book?

Daniel said...

Thanks for dropping by Thomas. But I'm not sure what "problem" or "solution" you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

To counteract Thomas I'll have to go to the Minuteman Project and donate $20. haha

Anonymous said...

As I get done mowing my yard, I go inside to help my wife clean the toilet. Woops I forgot I am a conservative, why the hell am i doing this grunt work. I could have hired a SLAVE from Mexico and NOT paid him and he couldn't do squat about it. Thomas they say ignorance is bliss, you must be full of bliss.

Daniel said...

Your comment was made at the exact time (almost) mine was JWalker, I didn't see you. See I did see that. In Oregon the stool bashing is a measure 11 crime. (assault 2) How nice.

For any of you who haven't see it then head over to Orbusmax and look on the right hand side.

And anonymous#1 & #2, thanks for the good deed and thanks for the good comment. But remember, we're not just conservatives, we are "worthless" conservatives!