Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fits perfectly with the "equal protection clause"

Bilingual Spanish Youth Librarian
$21.73 - $26.74 hourly
$3,781.02 - $4,652.76 monthly
$45,372.24 - $55,833.12 annually

Multnomah County Library is seeking applicants for Bilingual Spanish Youth Librarian positions.
Notice that it's plural. They are hiring for multiple positions.

Assess the needs of children and teens in the assigned community, with an emphasis on Latino families

Plan and implement programs and training sessions of interest to young adults, children and families in the library and the community, with a particular focus on Latino community and bilingual programs and services

Well you can count me as a definite YES vote on that regional tax because you know that I support government being good stewards of our tax money by hiring library staff to cater to one racial demographic. Oh wait, no I don't.

If Multnomah County can afford to hire multiple "Latino librarians" then they can afford to hire some teachers... who will probably just be teaching the kids of illegal aliens. Man, I can't avoid this issue even if I try. It's all-encompassing.

Need another good reason to support another tax? Check out the skimpy benefits package that these poor, underpaid public "servants" have to suffer with:

Retirement: County employees are included in the Oregon Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS/OPSRP). The County pays both the employer and the employee's share of the retirement contribution (six percent of wages).

Life Insurance: The County provides life insurance at no cost to employees under a term life insurance policy.

Bus Pass Program: The County provides a bus pass to all regular employees.

Health Care (Medical, Vision and Dental): Four medical/vision options and two dental options are offered to employees. Coverage is included for the employee and immediate family, i.e. spouse or domestic partner and eligible dependent children. The County pays most of the cost of health care premiums, with employees paying a small share.

I would say that Multnomah County is being generous with their benefits but that would be a lie... it's not generosity when you are giving away other people's money!


Diesel said...

Daniel, you know that is better than teacher's get paid, right?

Anonymous said...

Libraries are dieing on the vine as more and more English speaking citizens (especially students) are using the www rather than gather dated material from books that are seldom less than a year old.

However, Spanish speaking people have not proven themselves as eagerly accepting education, much less high-technology.

Now we can understand why all the tax supported agencies are hell bent on Embracing Diversity as that guarantees them a constant flow of people needing their services.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if we had just one central book warehouse that scanned all books into a computer and a library was nothing more than a room of computers that only required 1 employee (an IT person)and google could translate into any language needed?
Imagine the lack of waist. Less dead tree's, less sleeping government employees, smaller buildings. The list goes on.
You could also make all this available at home or in schools!
Oh yeah, you can pretty much do that now!
But that would mean less spending of OUR money!

Jason the Outspoken said...

Actually, I saw something on TV indicating that Google is in the process of putting the entire contents of a major library on-line. (I think it was either the Library of Congress or the New York Public Library.)

Re the article: the devil is always in the details. One of the requisites of the position is to either have, or be within 3 months of having a Masters degree in library sciences. It seems reasonable to me to pay someone with an MS in the range of what they are offering. If not, then why bust your tail to get a degree?

Daniel said...

Don, to be intellectualy honest I do want to compare apples to apple here:

$30k/year for working 3/4 of the year is equal to $40k/year working the whole year.

But yes, this "latino librarian" does make more than many teachers which is very, very wrong.

Anonymous #1 & #2: Here's an idea that liberals could love: less libraries and more internet use from home means less driving those evil cars!

Jason, that's a good point. People should be paid what their skills are worth. I just don't think that this is a position that should exist, the skills should not be in demand. Especially in the climante of "we're so broke we neeeeeeeed another tax, fee, surcharge, levy, etc.

Jason the Outspoken said...


I have to agree that in a city that is constantly looking for new ways to get into its victims (I mean residents) pockets, they should look for every way they can to save money.

However, I consider education and literacy to be a public safety issue. I much prefer the government to spend money promoting literacy and education - which reduce future crime - than blowing it on rediculous projects like the Burside/Couch realignment. I understand that it is easy to say, "well, if they want to use the library, let them speak English." But isn't it more in the public's interest to promote literacy amoung a population that, because of language barriers, will undoubtedly have a much higher illiteracy rate, than it is to simply pretend that they don't exist? In the long run, this is one way to promote their integration into the general society. That's what I want - immigrants who integrate and become members of society at large. Immigrants who, because they are litterate, are able to contribute to society. Immigrants who grow up appreciating what it is to be American.

If we have to pay a 4% differential to hire qualified people who can help accomplish that - it's a small cost. It's much cheaper than building jails. The ripple effect of illiteracy, ignorance and isolation are a cancer that eats away at our society and our safety.

If you look at literacy rates around the world, and consider how the people live, you can see a clear relationship. The less literate a population is, the less freedom they tend to have, and the more poverty there is. Even the founders understood this. Jefferson, for example, stated clearly the relationship between literacy and freedom. He said that an illiterate population is a population that is easy to control, and from whom it is easy to take their freedom. I would like to live in an America that is literate and free.

Anonymous said...

Literacy in English equals success in commerce, education, medicine, science, etc. Literacy in Spanish equals what without English?? I would rather they use the money to offer free English classes. That would benefit more people and probably be more appreciated. People who don't speak English WANT TO because it HELPS them. They don't need a stupid Spanish speaking librarian however well meaning.

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