Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"Huge" class sizes... for everyone except illegal aliens

BRILLA - Beaverton Rigorous Individual Language and Learning Academic Approach
...a challenging learning environment for Spanish speaking students in grades 9 through 12 who are new to the US and are acquiring English as an additional language.

The BRILLA program offers core subject instruction in Spanish while developing English proficiency. Students are placed in an technology-supported learning environment with direct instruction as well as an individualized programs that assure academic success for each of them.

While your kids are languishing (allegedly) in overstuffed classrooms that don't even have enough desks (allegedly) the illegal alien's kids are in "technology-supported" classes with "direct instruction." How nice.

Notice that the "core subjects" are taught in Spanish. We are teaching illegal aliens math, science, reading, etc in a foreign language. "Developing" English skills seems to be an afterthought.

HAT TIP: A reader who I met at tonight's Washing County Republican Meetup. (I will leave her nameless for privacy reasons unless she chooses to leave her name in the comments.)


Gunslinger said...

Daniel, seriously. The spam comments are out of control here. Probably sent here by google because we all submitted your site. They hate you so they send spam bots.

Daniel said...

I have gotten an official rejection letter by google. Alas, I am not considered a "real" news site.

In unrelated news I have hired a new employee to help me write stories. I hope that you will all welcom Jayson Blair to my staff...

ESABATM said...

I would like to get my daughter into a school like that. Tigard is terrible the way the teachers (some not all) treat the kids. An adult on every corner to keep the peace. Bad educational environment.