Sunday, October 09, 2005

The "party of the people"

Governor Ted Kulongoski kicked off the Oregon Summit tonight, saying "Let the Republicans worry about the richest Americans; we Democrats will take care of everyone else."

With much anticipation I wondered, what will the "party of the little guy" do this weekend at their Summit Event. Will they feed the poor? Will they play midnight basketball with gang members? With they help with the interior decorating at Dignity Village?

Alas, none of this happened. Instead, the Democrat's Oregon Summit was held at Sunriver "Pinnacles of Luxury" Resort. The regular rates are for a room are:

Regular Rate - 209.00 USD Avg/Per Night.

But if you really want to look out for the little people you would get this:

Unlimited Resort Course Package - 378.00 USD Avg Rate

To be fair, it looks as if the Democrats secured a block room rate well below Sunriver Resort's normal rate which started at $95 per person per night.

But thankfully, they stopped the indulgence with their luxurious accomadations. That is, unless you count the Golf Tournament with Governor Kulongoski. And just when you thought that the Democrat party was the "inclusive" party: Tee times are reserved for members and Resort guests only.

I am hoping that during the Inspirational Closing Lunch With Congressman Peter DeFazio the Democrats were able to talk about hunger and poverty. All while eating things from the Sunriver Menu like Filet Mignon, Grilled Lamb Loin Chops, Wild Sockeye Salmon, and Meadows Thai Prawns...

Do you think that anyone who makes minumum wage eats off that menu, plays on that golf course, stays at that resort? Neither do I.

Also contradicting the liberals usual desire to "keep religion out of politics" the Summit included a "break out" session titled:
Session C: Courtney Dillard, Adam Rose - Winning Value Voters: Activating and Organizing The Religious Left

So let's all tremble as the Religious Left organizes. I think that all 6 of them are meeting at Steve's house...

For you bussiness owners looking to market your product or service:
The Oregon Summit 2005 is a great opportunity to showcase your organization to Oregon’s progressive community. This is a loyal and committed demographic (they haven’t shopped at Wal-mart in years) that you don't want to overlook!

They haven't shopped at Wal-Mart in years. Wow. Ok, if you want to advertise simply fill out this form, then this one, no no, we have restrictions on that, wait until an inspector can look at this one, sign here, pay this fee, there are some lengthy regualtions on the colors you can use, ok, there is a fee for that one, fill out this form, I'll have to get a supervisor over here, ok, good, pay this fee and the committee will get back to you in about 3 months.


Diesel said...

Hats off to you Daniel. That's "seriously" funny. With school being in session, I don't get to post as much as I would like these days, but your blog is still on my daily reading list. Keep it up!

Daniel said...

Thanks Don. I wondered when we would hear from you again. You haven't done a post in a long time.

You should though, keep us up to date with that social promotion stuff.

Tony said...



I bet a call to the hallowed "help" that cleaned the rooms and served the food in Sunriver would reveal that the Dems are not nearly as generous as they let on.

Daniel said...

I would also like to know the demographics of this group. Where minorities represented in equal proportions to their numbers in general society? We all know (because democrats tell us) that anything less would be racist.

Tim said...

Hmm, isn't the phrase "Religious Left" an oxymoron.

Bob said...

The Dems truly are the party of the little guy. Their policies make lot of them.

Jon said...

Do you think that anyone who makes minumum wage eats off that menu, plays on that golf course, stays at that resort?

Maybe thats what all their "living wage" ranting is about. Earning a "living wage" that is high enough to do all those things.

Daniel said...

Tim, not exactly, but the sacred religion of the left revolves around abortion...

Bob, excellent point.

Jon, and why should anyone have to work for that money? It's not like our reps work hard for theirs!

Anonymous said...

Will the Democrats take care of the "little guy" as well as they did in New Orleans, LA ?
We all saw how well that Democratically controlled city & state was handled when Katrina hit.

Anonymous said...

I give you points for research but I was there...and the food was terrible!

Certainly not Filet Mignon, or anything close to it.

Really bad mac 'n cheese mixed with broccoli at one point.

And Sunriver "off season" pretty fiscally responsible.... maybe the Bush admin should look into that concept.


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