Monday, October 17, 2005

Full time?

Elevator Electrician/Mechanic
$3,121 - $4,359 MONTHLY

This permanent, full-time position is with the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), Facilities Division, Operations and Maintenance Section, located in Salem.

There is no test for this job. If you meet the "To Qualify" requirements on this announcement, your name will be placed on the list with a code of QLF (qualified).
No test? Remind me not to ride in elevators in state buildings....

The purpose of the Elevator Electrician/Mechanic is to troubleshoot, repair, and respond to emergencies for elevators at DAS, and state owned buildings.

The sole purpose of this full time $52,308 a year job (not including benefits) is to respond to elevator emergencies. Now how many of those happen every day? Do we even have an "elevator emergency" every month?

Couldn't a lot of taxpayer money be saved if we simply called in a proffesional elevator repairman, you know, one who actually had to pass a test, for those emergency situations?

This is like keeping a full time heart surgeon on staff for those cardiac arrest emergencies rather than simply taking the heart attack victim to the hospital for that rare occurance.


TheDuncan said...

As a Salem resident we have our share of public employees. One of which upon a lenthy conversation is an engineer for ODOT that heats bridges. That is right, the engineer designs heating systems for bridges. For those many icee days we get in Oregon. And of course for all the new bridges being built every day. This engineer does the mechanical bridges, there is another engineer for the ones that are stationary. Two full time engineers to design heating systems for bridges. I wish I was making this up.

Robin said...

I have personally had my share of assisting EMS with traffic accidents on icy bridges, so I think having a heating system on a bridge is an excellent idea and I wish we had it here in the Eugene area.

Chances are, these systems will use steam for heat which needs to be maintained not just on the bridges themselves, but getting the steam to the bridge.

Daniel said...

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