Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Even the Devil believes in God...

Democrats cast for faithful to join their fold
"For a Democrat, it's almost uncomfortable to be a person of faith," says Hunt, a two-term Democrat who teaches Sunday school at a Southeast Portland Baptist church. "I don't know what the origins of that are."

I do, it's your complete disregard for Biblical truth, standards of behavior and your close association with the ACLU, the most anti-Christian group in existance. Oh, and the Democrat base absolutely hates Christians.

The party has produced no overt plan yet. But the targets are progressive-leaning Christians and other "voters of faith" who have taken up with Republicans out of a belief that it's the party that cares more about religious issues.

No plans yet. Republicans care more about religious issues than Democrats kind of like how police officers care more about the law than crack dealers.

"Somehow, we've completely forgotten everything Jesus said about poverty, all the things Jesus said about how we spend our money," Hunt says.

Yes you have. Jesus would like us to give money to the poor voluntarily, not at the point of a gun. Hey, that's kind of like what Republicans want!

As for what helps poor people the most, Democrats have been very successful as defining the only solution as a "give them money" solution. I believe that the best way to help the poor, the very best way, is to start by encouraging strong families. Married biological parents is the number way to avoid poverty.

Democrats are fine with society accepting 14 year olds being pregnant and out-of-wedlock births. Their policies create poverty.


Gullyborg said...

The major problem with the left is that when do invoke Jesus, it is in such a mocking tone that it turns off Christians. Example: the morons who hold up signs at anti-war protests that read "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" as if nowhere in the Bible does God condone a just war.

jwalker said...

Jesus also had an irritation with those who followed him just to get free stuff.

thomas said...

This first sentence just blew me away: "For a Democrat, it's almost uncomfortable to be a person of faith," says Hunt...

My first thought was: As a "person of faith", it should make you
uncomfortable to be a Democrat! It makes me question your priorites, Mr. Hunt.

If Mr. Hunt *is* in close association
with the Anti-Christian-Liberties
union, I wonder what his views on Biblical admonitions against homosexuality would be? Or, abortion? (And he teaches Sunday school?!

And, another thing...why does the Democratic party's solution to social problems only involve throwing (more) money at it? (And why is it MY money they want to throw?)

"...TEACH a man to fish, and he will eat for the rest of his life"

Daniel said...

Not just mocking, they openly scorn belief in God. They would rather promote Darwin than Jesus because Darwin is more compatible with abortion. They reject Christmas trees. They think that praying before a high school football game is illegal.

It's laughable that they will be able to make any inroads into this demographic.

It is so nice to see you back JWalker.

jwalker said...

Really nice to be back. My teaching and single-momming duties kept me hopping for awhile.