Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fighting for all of us... or at least drug addicts, rapists, and people who attack pregnant women

The ACLU of Oregon has a new format for their fall newsletter which was just released. Not only does it have their legislative scorecard, it's jam packed full of exciting information on how the ACLU of Oregon was protecting those very important civil rights that you and I are so worried about losing...

Due Process Rights of Sex Offenders...
HB 2316 A-Eng would have limited the determination of predatory status based only an assessment tool without providing any opportunity for the submission and consideration of evidence, including the offender’s psychological and treatment information.

The ACLU issued a floor statement against HB 2316 A-Eng. After lengthy debate the House passed the bill 40-17 (See House Scorecard). The good news is that the Senate Rules Committee rejected this proposal. Unfortunately, the committee used this bill as a vehicle to extend the statute of limitations for sex offenses against minors and passed out HB 2316 B-Eng.

I for one am sooo glad that the ACLU is looking out for the "due process" rights of sex offenders. I mean, just because someone molests half a dozen kids under the age of 9 doesn't mean that they are predatory. You have to take into account their "treatment" information before labeling them "predatory." Uh-huh.

Statute of Limitations for Sex Offenses (HB 2015 and HB 2316 B-Eng.)
HB 2015 was a priority bill for Speaker Karen Minnis. This bill further extends the statute of limitations on which charges may be brought against someone accused of a sex-related crime.

The ACLU of Oregon issued a floor statement against HB 2015.

The Oregon ACLU: not holding sex-offenders accountable since 1955.

Medical Marijuana Patients and Employment (HB 2693 & SB 1085 B-Eng).
The ACLU opposed HB 2693 A-Eng. because it allowed employers to fire a worker because he or she is a medical marijuana patient even when there is no evidence of impairment on the job.

By "no evidence," the ACLU means that the worker injured someone and failed a drug test. That's just not definitive for them.

I would support the ACLU on this issue if all ACLU member were required to have their medical procedures performed by Tommy Chong.

Defining Fetus As A Human Being (HB 2020 and SB 548 AEng.)
One of House Speaker Karen Minnis’ highest priority bills this session was her proposal to expand Oregon criminal homicide laws, including the death penalty, to include causing the death of a fetus.

ACLU: We are all for supporting a woman's right to choose... unless someone violently attacks her and kills her baby. Then we just call that an involutary abortion.

They also highlight such winners as:


So as you can see fellow Oregonians, it is very important to have groups like this fighting for your rights and mine. No, no, not those rights that are actually in the Bill of Rights. The made up ones.


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