Thursday, October 13, 2005


It's up to Oregon to deal with global warming
It hurts to think of Oregon's Mid-Valley without pinot noir and vineyards; of a coast where visitors crowd onto a few ragged beaches; of Cascades so dry that ski areas depend on snow machines all winter.

How would Salem's water supply be affected if this watershed became as parched as the Klamath Basin was a few years ago? How would the state cover firefighting costs if every year were a disastrous year for wildfires? How would county health authorities cope if new diseases moved north as temperatures warmed?
Run for your lives!!! The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

As the economists point out, opportunities exist for those who tap the growing market for products to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.
"The economists" are not named specifically as if all economists agree on this one overriding principle. Would a state of "The ecomonomists agree that high taxes are bad for economic growth" ever make it past a Fishwrapper editor?

When entrepreneurs find ways to cut people's commute or trim their electricity bill or fuel bill, people will invest in them. Such alternatives could help offset the shock that global warming could deal Oregon's economy.
Absolutely. That's a free market principle and with the exception of the last sentence I agree. (I don't concede that global warming is manmande.)

Incredible as it seems, the auto industry and some Republicans have been trying to put the brakes on Gov. Ted Kulongoski's initiative to tighten auto-emission standards for cars and trucks. They've filed a lawsuit to keep Oregon from adopting California's stricter standards instead of the feds' ho-hum ones.
But instead of "entrepreneurs" and the market dictating the best solution, the Fishwrapper wants government to make a decree and the loyal subjects to simply bend over and take it. No thanks.


Allen said...

What's it gonna take. Today we have three more volcanoes in AK that are reported as heating up, Yellowstone Park is raising like pizza dough, hurricanes are gaining strength from unusually warm deep ocean water, Oregon's Three Sisters area is gaining height every day, we are being told to brace for the Big quake, St Helens is still burping and shows no sign of letting up, Mt Hood frequently shows on the USGS quake map as do other Cascade mountains, Solar Flares are said to be giving us better tans and all we hear about is man-caused Global Heating.

Jason the Outspoken said...

It's interesting that the author of this article makes ABSOLUTELY NO reference to the official climatologist for the People's State of Oregon - George Taylor. Mr. Taylor has commentented many times (even on Lars' show) that human contribution to "global warming" is at most negiligable. Climatologists (the people qualified to comment on climate change) also say that we are entering a warm cycle. They say that these cycles last thousands of years, and that earth's history is full of them.

This kind of tripe is a great example of the truth of the statement, "if I keep saying it people will believe it's true." You can't confuse liberals with the facts - facts don't put democrats in office.

Anonymous said...

It's time to start boycotting the fishwrapper. They've pissed me off one too many times.

Even if global warming is manmade, just how is little ol' Orygun going to stem the tide? China and India are the big polluters -- with 2.3 billion people between the two. Does the O really think switching to "higher efficiency" vehicles here is going to make the smallest bit of difference worldwide?

They're nuts!

Jason the Outspoken said...

You'd get no argument from me. However, this article does not come from the Portlandistan Oregonian. It comes from the Salem Stateman Urinal.

Gullyborg said...

if we banned newspapers, we would save a lot of trees, and trees convert CO2 back to O2, thus reducing greehouse gases.

as for cars:

if we really wanted to clean up the air, wouldn't it make more sense to ease requirements on new cars, thus lowering their prices, and allowing more people to send their '74 Buicks to the scrap yard? Because I am guessing that a brand new non-California Dodge Neon produces a hell of a lot less smog and uses a hell of a lot less gas than most of the cars that the underprivileged are driving.

Jason the Outspoken said...

Yeah, the underprivaleged like me. I'm 39 and three years ago we bought our first car (a 98 camry)under 15 years old. I drive a 25 year old diesel Mercedes. (Get's 27 MPG.) I'd love to get another relatively new car - but I can't justify the payments.

A friend of mine, a mechanic used to complain about the way that many of his customer's cars ran badly and created more polution BECAUSE of the emissions equipment malfunctioning. Furthermore, he pointed out - how much additional polution does it create to fabricate a smog pump - to reduce smog?

Anonymous said...

Then we have all the mexicans driving around in smokey old beaters using different names to buy temp stickers over and over again.

Jason the Outspoken said...

Hey, that's great. It always loops back somehow to Mexicans. How original.

I don't suppose you ever heard of a white guy driving a beater. I have heard that often the people who buy the $200 beaters buy them because they are driving without a license or insurance and don't want to have a good car impounded when they get busted again.

And why do we have drivers on the road with multiple DUII's? Corruption. What polititian who gets tanked at fundraisers is going to push for real enforcement of DUII laws? (Kind of like Kelley Wirth, D-Corvallis. She votes against stiffer meth penalties. Then she gets caught with meth in her purse!)

This Mexican comment is illustrative of how the issue of "illegal aliens" is used by corrupt politicians to distract the public. It is far easier to blame "illegal aliens" for every legislative failure under the sun, and every economic problem created by stupid legislators pandering to wealthy contributors, than it is to take a hard stand, enforce the boarders and immigration laws, etc. To do so would be to alienate those contributors who relied upon the cheap labor from "illegal aliens" to build the fortune and who now use that fortune to buy their political influence. (For example, was it "illegal aliens" that destroyed Oregon's timber industry, or was it hard-left, environmentalist pandering, liberals? Who has driven so many other businesses out of Oregon? "Mexicans" or liberals who never saw a tax they didn't hike or a new anti-business regulation they didn't love?)

This comment, courageously posted by Anonymous, is a great example. Blame the Mexicans, assume that they are all out fruadulently buying trip permits. That way we distract ourselves from the real issues of the day: in this case, moronic new regulations forced upon us by Commrade Commissar Kulongoski, Supreme Leader of the People's State of Oregon.

thomas said...

Chill out, you guys!
There is no reason to get ourselves heated up by all this talk of global warming; it's all just a bunch of hot air being fed to us by a group of fire breathing environmental-cases who hope to bring the temperature of the political climate to a boiling point in order to affect a change in our soft boiled right-wing brains.
Really, turning up the heat while looking for some one to blame will not light a fire under anyone anyway.

OK, I'll stop now.

TheDuncan said...

An excellent web site for real climate information is We met at the Rally. I understand the lack of contact info on the blogs. Is there any way we local bloggers can communicate?

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