Sunday, October 23, 2005

We need a McCarthy now

George Clooney’s Clueless Movie
The movie is really about CBS’s star journalist, Edward R. Murrow (played by David Strathairn), and how he went after McCarthy, who is featured only in film footage from the archives. As Clooney (and most historians) would have it, the senator was a vicious, unscrupulous bully who ruined the lives of scores of innocent people by labeling them Reds. So where are the bloody corpses in Clooney’s movie? They’re totally missing. In fact, Clooney—who directed and helped write the movie—doesn’t show a single person who was done in by the senator’s supposedly reckless charges. Not one!

More baseless charges against the Great Senator Joe McCarthy (ironic that they sling mud and baseless accusations at someone for the alleged offense of slinging mud and making baseless accusations...) from the noted historian George Clooney. Thankfully Clooney's credentials as an intellectual are without question so we can assume that what he says is true...

I for one, am anxiously awaiting the book Blacklisted By History : The Real Story of Joseph McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies.

For books that are out now you can't beat Ann Coulter's Treason and while I haven't read Venona : Decoding Soviet Espionage in America, it is on my Amazon wish list. I would recommend it to anyone *cough* Diesel *cough* who might have heard some misinformation about McCarthy.


Kaelri said...

I congratulate you. If you think being murdered is the only way your life can be ruined, you must be one of the happiest people on the face of the Earth.

Daniel said...

I will congratulate you if you can name someone whose life was "ruined" by Joe McCarthy.