Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Uh, I'm from... Wisconsin

From Euthanasia to Marijuana to Live Sex Shows Oregon Allows it All
Oregon is becoming an increasingly confusing state with the decision last month to remove restrictions prohibiting “live sex shows” and close contact by nude dancers. The state also allows “assisted suicide” and has the most lenient drug laws in the nation. But then on the conservative side it has introduced a constitutional amendment prohibiting same sex marriages and has outlawed smoking. Oregon also prohibits pumping your own gas.

The rest of the country is increasingly looking at us as though we were some sort of crazed hippie who reeks of petouli oil and has obviously done too much acid. I hear that even California wants to put a fence between us...


Reagan said...

As a frequent visitor to Oregon (I have dear friends who live there... Republican, by the way), I am constant amazed by the "freedom" and "restrictions" they impose. The first time I was told I would be breaking the law if I pumped my own gas, I just about fell over.

Can you imagine? A life lived without criminal blemish of any kind, and then slapped with an offense of this type?

Daniel said...

If you told them you were an illegal alien they would have offered you some form of unemployment after making you stop pumping your gas.

Anonymous said...

And Zero sales tax; don't forget that; sounds amazingly non-progressive.

As an again new Washington resident (back and forth to DC too, the other WA), I refer to OR as the Peoples Republic of Keep Our High School Drop-Outs employed pumping gas.

Came on your site via Orbusmax, and was shocked by the picture. But Ann Coulter? Hapry.

Anonymous said...

Correct spelling is Patchouli.