Saturday, October 15, 2005

Illegal immigration protest

It was a little bit wet in Salem but the OFIR protest was great. It's always nice to have a good group of like-minded Americans meet to discuss the problem and possible solutions. We had great speakers including several Minutemen who have been or are going to the border, Victoria Taft, Richard Sturm, Ruth Bendl, Rick Hickey, and myself. (pictured above)

While folks from the media of the people, talk radio and blogs, showed up, there was no sign of any of the mainstream press. I'd like to thank Victoria for being there (860KPAM 6-9pm) as well as bloggers Allen (Allen of Salem) and Nick (the Cheezer) and website operators Michael and Elaine of Citizen Caucus and Cherrill of Oregon Conservative and the Oregon Republican Assembly.

It was nice to hear and see proof of talk radio and blogs getting the word out, helping people network, and encouraging people to become active in issues they care about. Clearly this issue is one at the forefront of a lot of people's minds.

The counter-protest that I was promised (in Spanish, in comments on my blog) never really materialized except for these four. With the usual "no human is illegal" signs I'm sure that they had the support of Kelley Wirth. In all fairness, they did not yell or make a scene and two of them came to talk to me afterwards and they were polite. My wife did say she saw them take my picture (had I known I could have given them a smile) so we'll see where that ends up. I'll even post a picture below for you libs who want to doctor it and put it up on Craig's List along with scurilous lies. Just keep in mind that I have had people kicked off that site for libel before and if you want to put up falsehoods about me then you will be banned as well.

I also had a lot of people come up to me who had never met me in person. If you see me around, whether at a political gathering or not, feel free to come up and say hi. I'm the bald guy who won't shut up.


Anonymous said...

Small crowd...

Anonymous said...

Over 150 people show up in the rain...on a saturday. With NO help from the Media, of course.
The big news here is the no show by the Media.
I guess something un-peaceful has to happen to get them to pay attention. The MEDIA, again, doesn't want to promote anything about Ameicans speaking their independent mind. We don't fit their mold, so they don't play want to play with us. Their huge drop in newspaper sales, Nationwide, should wake them up.

Daniel, thank you & the Mr.s for doing what is right and correct, Rick Hickey-VP-OFIR

Daniel said...

Wow anonymous, you must have some sort of super power to be able to tell the size of the crowd from a few pictures that don't picture everybody.

And you are right Rick, the no show by the media was disapointing. My wife suggested that if we were out there protesting for abortion that we would have had every channel and paper in Oregon covering the event. Sad but probably true.

The Cheezer said...

It was great seeing you today and meeting your wife.
A beautiful lady you have. And she is lucky to have a true man to raise children with her.
Todays’ gathering was just the beginning of what we will accomplish.
With true Americans like those that showed today, we will take back the country and the invasion will stop.
God Bless Daniel

TheDuncan said...

After many years with my head in the sand. Busy with job and family. I thought that things would just work themselves out. The liberals just keep pushing their agenda. Well this average guy is going to start pushing back. To you and the other people that made this happen, and especially to the Minutemen on our borders, thank you and keep up the good work.
I am with you.

Anonymous said...

The crowd of near 200 was twice what I expected considering OFIR didn't have any Public Employee Union volunteering to bring in school busses filled with innocent children to parade before TV Cameras.

The same children whose quality of education is being threatened by the influx of Illegal Aliens.

Did anybody notice how the picket signs lacked that "The Professional Look."

Anonymous said...

Once in every lifetime, you have the opportunity to do something meaningful. Today over 200 Americans did just that. Daniel to you and your lovely wife, our thanks for making possible the undulited truth which all can read. Rick & Jim another sucessful function. Thanks to all who braved a rainy day to make a statement. Oh,
and I promise to work on my public speaking.
Michael Armstrong, Citizen Caucus

Denise said...

My husband, 13 year old son and I attended this rally too! It was extremely important to me to be there regardless of the weather. I informed people at work (Salem/Keizer schools transportation) of the rally and while many were enthusiastic not one showed up. It's really time to stop whining and stand up - this rally was just the beginning! Thanks Daniel - you were great and I hope see and hear more of you! Denise - Salem

Daniel said...

My wife and I both appreciate all the positive feedback! Working together we will continue to make a difference.

I hope to see all of you in Woodburn on December 3rd for the "Carousel of Information" protest.

Brian B said...

"No Human is Illegal"

So they oppose any sort of criminal code whatsoever, I suppose?

Thanks for fighting the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Daniel... I dont' know if you remember me, but i used to chase you around and try to kiss you when you were like 12 and i was probably 6! Well you sure have changed... your married? and a republican. well i am a liberal with dreadlocks and the whole thing! Its crazy how we can grow up living two houses away and turn out so different. Especially since you spent a ton of time at my house with my brother and sister, i think you almost moved in one time. oh and if you haven't figured this out yet, this is mika.. talk to you later.