Sunday, October 30, 2005

Feeling hungry? Try the buffet!

Numbers USA, a great immigration reform group, has a new page called the "Action Buffet." It has multiple form letter faxes that you can send to those morons in Washington DC to tell them how you feel about illegal immigration, the lack of immigration law enforcement, legal immigration, and much more.

It costs you nothing to send the faxes and it only takes a few seconds! I highly recommend this group.


Anonymous said...

Last week over 120,000 Free faxes went out to our elected in D.C. via this group. They feel the pressure when they take in all those pages off their fax machine. Maybe the Heat will melt the Wax in their Ears!

Daniel said...

It is definitely a step up from the emails which probably get caught in the spam filter.

All we can do is keep trying.

The Cheezer said...

I have been sending faxes this way for months now and love it.
It's great to get the updates and see that the minimal effort needed did have an impact.