Saturday, October 08, 2005

Something different for Saturday

I thought that I would do something different for Saturday and do a post that doesn't relate to politics at all. That's right, I'm not going to talk about Democrats who try to keep black people from voting. (If I say it over and over then people will assume it's true!)

Instead I'm going to talk about a great little program called WindowBlinds. I use it to customize the appearance of my computer and you can change it as much as you want. The shareware version of the program is free and definitely worth checking out if you are a computer geek.

WindowBlinds is part of a suite of programs called ObjectDesktop that can be used to customize your icons, your cursor, your startup splash and pretty much everything.

WinCustomize has thousands of free WindowBlinds skins, custom icons, cursors, wallpapers, etc.

It's stuff like this that makes me happy that Al Gore invented the internet. (But I'm still upset that he tried to prevent black people from voting in Florida...)


Darkwanessa said...

seu blog ta massa passa no meu xau...

MAX Redline said...

That's been around for years. Have you tried GoogleReader for picking up RSS feeds?

Daniel said...

I've been using it for years. I was just tweaking my system and thought that I would put it out there for anyone who might be interested.

Have you tried the new beta of version 5?