Friday, October 14, 2005

Judge rules capitalism violates constitution, establishes communism

Voter-Passed Measure 37 Law Is Overturned
SALEM, Ore. - A judge on Friday overturned a voter-passed property compensation law as unconstitutional.

Marion County Circuit Judge Mary James struck down the law as violating five provisions of the state and federal constitutions.

James said the statute violates equal protection provisions of the Oregon Constitution and a state constitutional ban on suspending laws.

If judges did this with right-wing decisions then we would have an open revolt. (admittedly, liberals are girlie-men, so it would be a short-lived revolt) Imagine if a judge ruled the progressive tax unconstitutional because it violates the equal protection clause.


Anonymous said...

Anyone that is surprised by this decision had best stay in after dark.

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

Wake up conservatives and get in the fight.

The left is making democracy a joke. Leftist judges and politicians are out to take your property rights, your wallet, your culture, your religious rights.

Voters say yes to property rights, no to more taxes, no to more light rail, yes to morality.

What do the "government" and the leftist hack judges respond with?

NO to property rights, YES to more taxes, YES to more light rail, NO to morality.

Politics is war by other means. Oregonians, lets roll.

MAX Redline said...

Well put, Councilor Canfield!

Tim said...

Judge Mary James and other leftists, ok let's be honest, Communists love to talk about Democracy this and Democracy that and how wonderful Democracy is unless of course the people decide something that takes away power from the State. When that happens we get these elitist Judges who pronounce the people too stupid to understand, and overturn the will of the people.

Deport Mary James back to Cuba please!

Daniel said...

I sure am ready for a fight...

Anonymous said...

Do you have the will to fight this?

Let me suggest a plan, I started the recall of Vera Katz...IT FAILED!

I'm not saying why, the reasons were mostly money, plus I THINK our group was "joined" by some people who eventually left and maybe caused some strife and took some information with them.

The point is this: If just once, an elected offical is recalled for the right reasons, it sends a plain message to the others in power that the people have had enough BS, their pissed beyond words, and the need to reform the way things are done is going to happen.

The problem is getting worse as I type this, the demographics of the state show Multnomah county controls the state politics on numbers alone, so a recall of a targeted offical may not work here.

The election process is "iffy" if we depend on the just numbers or candidates we think can win.

Things are running away, the state is lost, but one last try to rein things in needs to happen soon

It's a thought, it' risky, but doing nothing at all, is going to get us all hurt in ways I'd rather pass on.

One elected offical...just one, sends a big message.

With respect to a certain blogger who moved to Spokane, and his distaste for a recall, if you just blog, and don't fight, we are all going to suffer.

But if I had an offical to choose in Portland, Lisa Naito.

TheDuncan said...

This is one American Scotsman that is ready for the fight. I am not going to sit around and see all the hard work of my Scottish forefathers go down the liberal drain. They came to this country to get away from this very tyranny.

Daniel said...

Anonymous, I agree with your premise but recalls are simply not a political reality. It's hard enough to vote some of these people out at election time.

I think that resources are better used for that fight. A candidate who is scared of not being re-elected is the same as a candidate who is scared of being recalled.

Anonymous said...

OK...maybe a recall effort isn't the way to go, but as long as these idiots control Portland, we are toast.

Better at least think about the option at sometime, or we may as well stop.

Anonymous said...

I think that resources are better used for that fight. A candidate who is scared of not being re-elected is the same as a candidate who is scared of being recalled.

Daniel is correct with the above comment..BUT!!!

If you think one man,(Atkins) will be the difference, the damn law making powers are still with the power base in Multnomah county.

You people better unite there for at least one city council post, and one on the county, or we are all toast.

Steve Schopp said...

Now I understand.

Jonathan Nicholas explains that 1000 Friends of Oregon are just smarter.

"That's more raw intellect right there than the past five Oregon Legislatures combined."

Jonathan Nicholas
Monday, October 17, 2005
Jonathan Nicholas: 503-221-8533;
Three amigos: That's all the leadership that 1000 Friends of Oregon has ever known. Henry Richmond. Robert Liberty. Bob Stacey. That's more raw intellect right there than the past five Oregon Legislatures combined.
The land-use watchdog 1000 Friends -- aka Policy Wonks "R" Us -- is an outfit that takes itself seriously. Even at its 30th birthday bash. """""


M37 opponents. Who are they?

You'll note this is the exact same people who band together in support of every tax increase.

They fight to take more of your paycheck from you and deny you use of your own property.

They are called Liberal Democrats.

With little exception that who they are and what they do.

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