Monday, August 22, 2005

RICO violation?

The following is an email I received from a state worker:


Yes, absolutely. If he is in Washington County, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center should be able to see him. If he shows up as a walk in, however, he should be prepared to wait a couple of hours to be seen.

Here is a list of those clinics that he can go to. It does not matter whether or not he is documented. My emphasis

Sorry for the delay but I was out on vacation and only back today.

Alberto Moreno, MSW
Migrant Health Coordinator
Health Systems Planning
Department of Human Services
(503)731-4017x899 phone
(503)731-4078 fax

The email included to Word documents as attachments. (One of which can be found online HERE) My original email "question" was sent on 8-9-05 and simply inquired about a "friend" who was an illegal alien and where he could get health care.

Alberto Moreno, a public servant, was helpful enought to respond on helping my criminal (and imaginary) friend. The question is, does it violate the law for public officials to help out known criminals?

Our only hope would be RICO. In America illegal aliens are entitled to emergency health care but I know of no law/ruling that says they get other forms of health care, especially at taxpayer expense.

I would like to see some group/individual with the legal resources pursue suing the state of Oregon for knowinly aiding and abetting known criminals in accessing services of value.

And regarless of whether or not laws are broken here, do we really need a "migrant health coordinator" on the public payroll?


Anonymous said...

Daniel, Yes we are looking into filing lawsuits against the state for blatant violations of immigration and discrimination and voting laws. We could always use some more money or Attorney help.
Is there a lawyer out there who wants his/her name all over the Media for supporting us LEGAL Americans/Oregonians? Your practice needs the publicity.
RICO might not work when a state is violating federal law though.
Rick Hickey-VP-OFIR/

Robin said...

Kudo's to Daniel.

as Lars said today, it took a blogger to do something that the other news services, TV and radio would not do.

investigate and ask questions.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't our local TV news people discover what Daniel did?

Its simple. Local TV news is losing their traditional viewers and have their future bet on those who are known to be heavy TV watchers, the Hispanics.

In advertising, those who can reach the greatest number of easily influenced buyers are the winners.

Note how the roster at KPTV is beginning to look like that of the Statesman/Journal.

Bilingual news is the next trick with the last 1/2 hour of 5:00 PM news in Spanish.

Yo comprende?

Daniel said...

If RICO does not apply, I still think that a prosecutor could get creative since the illegal alien assistance is widespread, then ORS 164.125 (theft of service) would apply:

(b) Having control over the disposition of labor or of
business, ... benefit to
which the person or the third person is not entitled.

(2) As used in this section, 'services' includes, but is not
limited to, labor, professional services, toll facilities,
transportation, communications service, entertainment, the
supplying of food...

I would say that you could advertise for a lawyer in the Oregon Bar Magazine but we all know their stance on the issues...

Gunslinger said...

I was also listening to Lars today and agree with the point about how weak it is that a blogger had to bring this to a head. Nice blog, I will have to add it to my dailys. Keep up the good work!

PollyAnna said...

hi daniel this is sort of on topic.. as i couldnt find a link to to send you an email..of course that is probably "pilot error" on my part.anyways... Bill O'Reilly was talking last night about statistics on illegal immigrants in our prison systems nationwide and the $$$ it cost taxpayers... You have done a Terrific job on connecting so many ways that oregon is inappropriately dealing with illegal immigrants..teaching them how to cheat our system etc.."carosel of information" craposis,letting meth criminals walk etc..The Sheer numbers of illegals in our jails...and also wells fargo and their policy with accepting matriculas and the ramifications of that.i am sure you know of more..there are so many "etc" it is mindboggling(that is putting it mildly!) i respectfully suggest that you send that info off to the o'reilly factor...and others as Malkin, Coulter etc..
i dont have all the info/verication/documentation that you do..after all i read it at your site *S*(smile)perhaps it is about time that is is brought to national attention,'cause it is obvious the state of oregon does not care about breaking the law.
what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I work for the State (DHS). What Oregon needs to address this issue is a Prop.187 or AZ Prop. 200. A lot of our money comes in from the feds and we are prohibited from discriminating based on ethnic or immigration status. This suggests that we also need a prop.187 at the federal level. Regards,