Friday, August 19, 2005

Legislators still congratulating themselves but...

Big money in Mexican meth
While new state and federal laws are cutting down the number of U.S. meth labs, the deadly drugs continue to flow into the U.S. across the porous border with Mexico, say law enforcement authorities.

But at the same time, seizures of smokeable Mexican meth known as "crystal ice" rose nearly fivefold, from 384 cases in the 15 months before the law to 1,875 since.

Mexican cartels have seen the profit potential and filled the vacuum created by the tough new laws in the U.S.

In all fairness to our governor and most of our legislators, they could never have seen this coming. You see, they don't believe in the free market or it's principles. They simply don't understand the laws of supply and demand.

Their solution to this problem, and every problem, is "let's regulate it some more." While this may have made things slightly inconvenient for local meth cooks (who must now make that looong drive to Vancouver for cold pills) it has given the Mexican drug cartels a larger share of the market.

Until our state, counties and cities get serious about locking people up, the demand will be there. Meth is a profitable market to deal in which guarantees that supply will be there as well. Our state may claim that it has reduced local meth labs (a claim that I would doubt) but even if I conceded that point, we did nothing to reduce the amount of meth in our community or the crime that goes along with it.

To do that, we need to lock people up and make our state unfriendly to the illegal aliens who are bringing the drug to our community.


Robin said...
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Robin said...

in addition to our legislatures and Governor standing around patting each other on the back for coming up with what they call a "first in the nation" means a battling meth.

[Oklahoma was actually one of the first states to come up with the idea and was copied by 10 other states including Oregon.]

This is just another example of how much our legislatures live in a closet.

we must also remind our legislatures when businesses have to pay more in health care expenses because more people are missing work from being sick, children missing more school , more elderly people getting from exposure, emergency care units getting overran by people with the common flu because they do not have a doctor to get a prescription from, of just how wonderful their new law is.

Al said...

The simple cure is for the State to require Drug Cartel licenses (import or otherwise) and to double the suspended sentences given to those caught without such certifications.

Its time to get tough Oregon style!

MAX Redline said...

Meanwhile, sudafed flows from China and India into Mexico. Yep, we really have a handle on the problem.

Try this: close the border. I'd like to see an Israeli-type wall go up all across the southern border.

Daniel said...

I keep hearing more possibilities that the domino affect of this bill will be.

We need the wall and Jay, your comment is just hilarious!

But we would also need to charge the cartels for various "system development" fees for the roads that smugglers use, make sure that they are "culturally competent" and sell drugs to people regarless of race, gender, sexual orientation...

Al said...

Surrender to Mexico, I think we already have.

I guess we owe it to them for being such bad neighbors and for years allowing them to wallow in their self-made squalor.

Welcome to Baja Oregon.

Meanwhile, join me in sending Arnold an e- asking him to join NM and AZ with declaring California's southern border as being in a State of Emergency.

Its easy and he will listen to anybody at

Daniel, I hope you don't mind my offering that link.

Daniel said...

You contributions are always appreciated Allen!

Robin said...

I think something that Ross Perot said about the presidency kind of applies here towards the governor.

"When the man in charge is looking out his big office window towards the lawn and all he sees his green grass, from his point of view everything is just fine... he does not see the homeless people sleeping on the bench across the street."

Salem is so stuck up in their own little world, that they lose touch with reality.