Friday, August 05, 2005

New Lars Larson column

Introducing a new column by radio guy Lars Larson
If you're tired of waiting for your Oregon Megabucks winning lottery number to come up, try getting the job held by the top dog in the Public Employee Retirement System sweepstakes. He only made $89,000 a year when he was working for the state (not quite 300 percent of the average wage of the taxpayers who funded his salary). But when he retired, the PERS board (in its infinite collective wisdom) decided that he was entitled to $221,000 a year for the rest of his life.

More newspapers are picking up the new Lars Larson column! This is the first time that The Springfield News is carrying it. Make sure you drop them a line to tell them thanks!
(541) 746-1671

And I have to say that I like the way Lars' writing style is evolving.

Down at Charleston, they have a real squabble going over Squaw Island. It's a little spot of land in Sunset Bay. You may remember that the Oregon legislature, when it's not working hard (for a definition of "working hard," see "Kulongoski," above) on the state budget, it's doing important things like banning Foie Gras and deciding the midnight speed limits near grade schools.

I see a little Ann Coulter (the gold standard) in there. I have read Lars in the local magazine Brainstorm NW and subscribed to The Lars Report (while it was available) and his style has definitely changed. Now we just have to wait for a book...

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