Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Stopping communism upsets city government

Limits sought on forcible land sales
Oregon's top property rights group is asking voters to do what lawmakers wouldn't: limit governments' ability to forcibly buy private land.

Less than a week after the Legislature adjourned, Oregonians In Action laid the groundwork for a November 2006 ballot measure resurrecting a failed last-minute bill.

The Neighborhood Protection Act, filed on Tuesday with the state elections office, would allow governments to condemn property only if they plan to use it themselves -- not to turn it over to a private developer. Critics say the proposal could prevent important public projects.

You heard Dave Hunnicutt talk to Lars about this the other day. Now that the ballot measure has been filed the most difficult part will be collecting signatures. (No one thinks this won't pass by the voters) 75,630 signatures are needed.

I would urge all of you to make sure you are on the OIA mailing list so that they can send you petitions. Take on to your place of work or you church or just ask a few friends to sign.

This is democracy in action. Instead of letting 5 unelected judges impose communist property rules on us we can make our own laws.

Oregonians In Action website

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