Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Important Phyllis Schlafly column

What's Behind a Phone Call From Newt Gingrich?
The message was skillfully designed to appeal to Americans who are outraged at our government's failure to protect us from the invasion of illegals. But slyly buried in the middle of Newt's message was an endorsement of a "guest worker" plan to invite even more aliens to take U.S. jobs.

The politicians and business executives, who are determined to continue bringing in foreigners to work for lower wages than Americans expect, have gotten smart. The plan to import "willing workers" from other countries is now being packaged in the language of concern about border security.

The comprehensive Cornyn-Kyl bill contains dozens of excellent and necessary proposals that should have been ordered years ago, such as eliminating the Diversity Visa Program.

But buried in the middle of this vast bill is Title V, which creates a "Nonimmigrant Temporary Worker Category." That's the euphemism for giving amnesty to some ten million illegal aliens already in the United States, plus creating "guest worker" status for them and for millions more aliens who will be invited into our country to take U.S. jobs.

I don't trust any national politician other than Tancredo and Sensenbrenner on the issue of illegal aliens. It seems that everyone else is willing to capitulate to the White House or other illegal alien apologist group.

All we can do is refuse to compromise, keep up the pressure, and send a strong message in the primaries that this single issue can be sink or swim for any candidate.

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