Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oh the irony

Sin. Bad behavior. Unhealth lifestyle choices. Behavior modification programs.

Are these words from the Fishwrapper talking about homosexuality? Abortion? Drug users? Hahahahaha. Absolutely not! These phrases are all used to describe smoking, drinking, gambling, and overeating.

Yes, the same people who are outraged that someone like me could "judge" their behavior or refer to it a sinful have looked down their noses at people who drink wine or eat fried food.

My absolute favorite quote from the "Eat, drink, be merry, Salem tells Oregonians" article is definitely this: "Sin had a fabulous session," summed up Sen. Ginny Burdick, D-Portland.

I would agree Ginny, sin did have a fabulous session with the special rights for gays being pushed by your half of the legislature. Especially since it was being cloaked as neccessary because of Christian values. (which are NOT allowed unless liberals agree with them)

My point is this, bad behavior is relative. A drug addict thinks that stealing is fine, most of society disagrees. Therefore we have laws that say stealing is wrong. We have made a judgement on right and wrong and are regulating behavior. A homosexual thinks that gay marriage is fine, most of society disagrees. Again, we have made a judgement on right and wrong. This does not make us bigots. We simply disagree.

And don't give me the "uncostitutional" garbage about regulating behavior. If we want to regulate sodomy then we should be able to. Sodomy is NOT in the constitution. The right to bear arms is in the constitution but liberals such as Ginny Burdick would take that right away in a heartbeat if she had the power.

That Ginny burdick can come out and call people who drink wine or gamble "sinners" is laughable because she would recoil at the suggestion that homosexuals are sinners. Not only that, she would have my employer tell me that my views are wrong, teach my children that my views are wrong, and demand that my tax dollars go towards promoting behavior that I think is sinful.

Refering to gambling, drinking, smoking and eating as "bad habits" is also amusing. The media and the liberals have appointed themselves the sole arbiters of what constitutes "bad" nowadays.

Urban growth boudaries = good
Partial birth abortion = good
Homosexuality = good
Taxes = good

Cars = bad
Development = bad
Christians = bad
Guns = bad

Always keep that in mind when you are reading the Fishwrappers. They are under the impression that they are right and you are a backwards Wal-Mart shopping hick who doesn't know what's good for you.


jwalker said...

Last days my friend.

Daniel said...

It would certainly seem so.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. The world has seen far worse than a bunch of gay people marrying each other.

I am Coyote said...

Wow... Sin never sounded so boring....


Ric said...

I would go further
Bad = Evil
Cars = Evil
Dogs = Evil ( Ya wanna try and walk an American Bull Terrier in Portland ? )
Big Yards = Evil ( We have parks your children can share ... not that you can let them go alone )
Self Defense = Evil ( guns, wait for the assault knives ban which is comming ) more
in Chicago