Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Impeach Bush!

No, you didn't stumble across Democratic Underground by mistake. The call for impeachment has come from Pat Buchanan.

A national emergency
What is true of New Mexico and Arizona is true of our nation, which is now home to an estimated 10 million to 15 million aliens who have broken our laws and broken into our country. It is a mark of the cowardice of our leaders that they are so terrified of being called "bigots" they tolerate this criminality. The moral rot of political correctness runs deep today in both national parties.

The Republican Party claims to be a conservative party. But what kind of conservative is it who, to cut a few costs or make a few bucks, will turn his family's home into a neighborhood flop house?

I agree with everything Buchanan has written and more! That's the problem with writing a column on illegal aliens, you can go on and on because the problems are so many and run so deep that it's hard to confine yourself to just a couple points.

As for the actual issue of impeachment, it was just a few days ago that while talking to a co-worker I brought this up. He was insisting that I could find no fault in Bush. Are you kidding? We may have a nuke in this country because of Bush, was my reply. If a bomb goes off in this country on Thursday and it was smuggled in through Mexico, we impeach Bush on Friday!

But to be honest I don't have a problem with impeachment without the nuke, just over the social and economic problems created by the illegal aliens. I'm not going to go over all the ways that they are ruining this country right now, we all know most of them anyways.

And can you imagine, if a republican calls for impeachment, what does the media do? Will their love for illegal aliens beat out their hatred for Bush? Whose side could they take? My general rule is that they will take the side that is worst for America but this one would throw them for a loop.

I for one am not willing to settle for "guest worker" programs, a few more border patrol agents or even the National Guard on the border. I'm not willing to settle for tough talk, "state of emergencies" or speeches.

I want immediate interior enforcement of our immigration laws. I want all illegal aliens deported within days of being apprehended. I want no more state ID for them and no more government benefits. I don't want them to get health care, a building permit, a job, an ITIN, or a library card.

Then, after that, I want every inch of the border that is not an official crossing to be covered. Fence it off.

The funny thing is, basically all I want is for our already on-the-book immigration laws to be enforced.


Sue K. said...

I agree with you, Daniel. The majority of the American people have been pleading and begging for something to be done against illegal immigration and our open borders for a long time now so it isn't like this was all of a sudden dumped in his lap and he wasn't aware. In my opinion, he has made the choice to ignore us and the problems. We (law abiding citizens) are tired of being taken advantage of. I don't need to reiterate all the negative impacts on society caused by illegals. We all know what they are. I really hate for it to come to this--the call for impeachment--but maybe it will get his attention that he cannot ignore us any longer. He needs to represent United States citizens and enforce the laws. I voted for Bush twice but I am so upset with his unwillingness to act on our borders' security and deport illegals (no amnesty)that, for the most part, I don't pay any attention to his agenda anymore. Let me hear from his lips (and be honest about it) that he is going to get tough on these issues NOW and I may start listening and supporting again. However, if we keep pushing, Bush may tell us "to go f - - k ourselves!" (from American Border Patrol article).

Sue K. said...

ooops! I meant American Patrol Report article.

Diesel said...

How exactly do you get rid of 10-15 million illegal aliens? Not to mention parents of "anchor babies"?

Tough problem gang. I don't have an answer.

Gunslinger said...

Give them 30 days to vacate. After that 30 days. It will be kill on sight. What about giving every deportee some sort of tracking device like for geese or polar bears? That way when they come back, some INS agent can push a button and the device will send 849,000 volts through the lawbreakers nervous system. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Or maybe I am just feeling a little mean tonight.

Gunslinger said...

And yes, I agree that if there is one thing bad I can say about my Commander in Chief, it is his slack-ass attitude towards our borders. (both North and South.) I am a huge supporter of the man, and i think he gets a bad rap from the liberal media, but he really needs to get tough on this, and now!

Scott said...

"anchor babies"?

Simple tell mexico if they don't want a wall barbwire and landmines. Put a consult in the Border States hospitals. Any body in question could apply for citizenship afterward.

Daniel said...

Don, it wouldn't be hard at all. Every year the IRS has millions of employers file tax paperwork where their employee names don't match the names attached to the social security number given. Deport them.

Stop giving them drivers licences. Require proof of citizenship or legal residency to get one.

Do not give government benefits to illegal aliens or their children. Make things uncomfortable.

Make it easier for employers to verify the eligibility of their workers. If someone turns in bad papers then follow up with an inquiry and deport them if neccessary.

Bankrupt companies that knowingly hire illegal aliens.

Why would they continue to come to America if they can't get a job, can't get free food, free health care, free migrant housing, etc?

Or we could just go with gunslingers idea...

ESABATM said...

Yeah Gunslinger, you have the right idea. Once we terminate to set a precedence for the rest of the world, we can shut off ALL the handouts so our lazy ass people will get off the streets too.

Robin said...

another point of consideration...

with our focus now on the the massive destruction in New Orleans because of Katrina, other resources in Iraq, in my own opinion with our resources stretched thin, it leaves as vulnerable for another 9/11 attack.

Diesel said...

Daniel, doesn't that sound a little too "gestapo"-ish for it to happen in the USA?

Gullyborg said...

While I understand the emotions, I do not agree with the conclusion.

Impeaching Bush results in Hillary Clinton becoming our next President.

Which is worse for immigration? A President who is weak on borders but at least takes the war on terror seriously, or a President who would not only be weak (or weaker) on borders, but would hand over our sovereignty to the UN and surrender to terror?

No, the answer is not to impeach Bush. The answer is to rally around candidates for 2008 like Tom Tancredo.

But impeaching a few members of the Supreme Court, the court that has granted so many rights of citizenship to illegals, is a good start.

Gunslinger said...

In order to impeach a president, don't you have to accuse them of a crime? What crime has Bush commited?

Also, Robin, I highly doubt that we are leaving ourselves vulnerable to another attack. Do you really think that having our military overseas (which is where they primarily operate at all times) and all of our aid resources stuck in LA has anything to do with another attack? I dont. I do think that it would have huge repurcussions to responding to an attack though. So I guess tactically speaking, now is a good time to attack. Let's just hope and pray that it wont happen.

Daniel said...

Don, enforcing our existing laws is not "gestapo-ish."

Gully, what is being called for is for a republican to propose impeachment. It would never happen but it would start a serious dialogue and may wake some people up to the overwhelming public opinion.

I recognize that you can't be a purist in choosing your politicians because you will never find one who is 100% perfect and by refusing to support the lesser of two evils you actually help your opponents.

But I don't want to wait until 2008 for this problem to be fixed and I don't want the Republican party to go into that election with a vast majority of voters feeling disenfranchised on this issue. Bush is not running again and whatever candidate emerges from the primary needs to know that this is the number one issue for a lot of people.

And Gunslinger, I highly recommend Ann Coulter's book, High Crimes & Mistemeanors. It is a great book on the impeachment proccess. (and the scandals of the Clinton White House)

You do not need to be charged with a crime to be impeached and I have no problem saying that Bush has been negligent in his duties to protect America and her citizens.

Robin said...

Every year the IRS has millions of employers file tax paperwork where their employee names don't match the names

when I was an employer, I had to do that every quarter

I am Coyote said...

Apply a $10,000 fine for every illegal that is found under the employ of an employer.