Friday, August 05, 2005

Oregon Senate forces meth cooks to drive 15 miles

Oregon Senate Approves Major Meth-Fighting Bill
Salem, Oregon - Legislation ramping up the fight against meth on a wide range of fronts passed the Oregon Senate July 30. The bill, HB 2485, focuses on effective means to regulate precursor drugs and requires a doctor's prescription to purchase any product with Pseudoephedrine, Ephedrine, or Phenylpropanolamine.

"This horrific drug is a tragedy to the environment, a tragedy to our communities, a tragedy to the people enslaved by it, and a tragedy to the children living in meth houses," said Senator Ginny Burdick (D - Portland) chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and co-author of the bill.

The only thing that Ginny Burdick hates more than guns is cold pills. The cold pills are ruining this state. It's all the cold pills fault...

This is typical liberal logic that involves no accountability for people. The drug isn't the problem, the people using it are. And people aren't "enslaved" by it, they choose to smoke, snort, or shoot it into their veins. Obviously this is an addictive drug that users feel compelled to keep taking but that still doesn't negate the fact that they could choose to stop.

But many won't stop. They will do anything and everything to get their hands on this drug... inlcuding driving over a bridge to Vancouver to buy their cold pills!!! Gasp! A serious loophole in the "major meth fighting bill." Or, if the drug makers have email they could simply order from one of the many spam mails that advertise prescription drugs over the internet.

What this has accomplished is that when my kid is sick at 10:30pm I can't just go to Albertson's to pick them up a decongestant. That late at night I would have to use urgent care because the doctor's office is closed, but it probably wouldn't matter because the pharmacy is closed that late anyway.

And imagine a scenario where you have a really sick kid late at night and you do bother to go to the expense of getting a prescription from urgent care ($$$) and driving to a 24 hour pharmacy to fill it. Kids are contagious and so your other kid gets sick the following night. It is ILLEGAL for you to give him the cold pills you already have in your possession because they are a prescription drug!


Robin said...

we will have to start going to hospitals emergency rooms now for what used to be over-the-counter cold and flu medications.

Something that I found recently that I thought was rather interesting, Oregon is portraying this as if they are "leading" the fight against meth, in actuality, Oklahoma came up with the idea first and other states are copying them.

And we all know by now, when they start mentioning "think about the children", it's time to be afraid, very afraid.

I am Coyote said...

time to purchase a small drug store on the oregon washinton border... the washington side that is.

Al said...

15 Miles huh.

I can see Toll Booths coming back to all the Columbia river bridges.

Sleepy Ted and the rubber room klan can use the toll booth cash to fight Meth by paying for the prescriptions with the Oregon Health Plan.

Ya gotta think Globaly!

Anonymous said...

How do you clog up the doctor’s office and create longer wait times in urgent care and ER? Over rule the FDA a make an over the counter drug a prescription. All of us have waited 3 hours or more at the ER because of flu season or high temps in the summer. You will see more deaths due to heart attacks and other issues that some times are hidden but require immediate diagnosis. Sitting in a chair with miss identified symptoms because somebody has a runny nose and needs to get cold meds so they can work in the morning. The ramifications of this are beyond any foresight the idiots that passed this have. It’s not uncommon to wait weeks to get into a doctor. If you have tried to get in to the dentist recently, you have been told it would be 6 months to get that filling. That will happen here in Oregon with healthcare. Doctors that open small offices specializing in cold and flu symptoms could make a fortune. But what happens when that doc prescribes too much? Can a doc just have standing orders that the nurse can hand out in the waiting room?

Phil said...

I just looked up the chemical formula for meth on the Internet (as anyone can) and found out something amazing. Meth is made up of three basic elements: carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Well guess what? Those three elements are found in the food we eat, in our bodies. Hell they are found in the air we breath!

Any highschool chemistry student can see that trying to stop the Meth problem by restricting the precursor ingredients won't work.

They say that for every complex problem, there is an obvious and simple solution that is also wrong. Isn't it nice that our lawmakers seem to love simple solutions. So what's happens when this law doesn't help? Will the next legislature outdo the current one by requiring a prescription for air? I wouldn't put it past them. After all, it sounds like a simple and obvious solution.

Phil in Hillsboro

PollyAnna said...

Yep this is a absolutely ridiculous!Having seen numerous videos of some big volume meth busts,i have NEVER seen piles of empty boxes of namebrand cough/cold medicines lying around.

Has anyone compiled a complete list of all the name brand medicines affected if this passes? Does anyone have a link to a list?

Daniel said...

It always amuses me how the media and our "representatives" congratulate themselves endlessly on the bills that no one else thinks is a good idea.

Scott said...

I work in a pharmacy/store when teddy did this the first time your choice went down by 114 its gone down agine plus just before this bill becomes law it will likely be cut one more time. p.s. anyone who tells you that methheads were buying the pills are fools ...

Daniel said...

The folks in the mainstream media and our legislators are fools? I feel so dissilusioned...

Scott said...

Ok so that was redundant. Sorry.

fatrichie said...

Back in the day, when I had the unfortunate experience of being a meth user, we referred to the crap the "mom and pop" labs produced as "Peanut Butter Crank". It was only used by those who could not afford to buy the "good stuff".

We all knew where the real stuff came from, and so did the cops, as they do now.

Our brainless legislature does too. They are just out to make the voting idiots in the Portland area think they are really doing something important. Because god knows, Portlanders are the only voters whose vote REALLY counts.

It's a waste of breath to talk to the Salem crowd about solving the problem. They are just trying to guarantee themselves another couple years on the public payroll.

They are so far removed from the problem they couldn't see it with binoculars.

What a shame that Oregon's politicians have sunken to the point of pushing through meaningless legislation, simply to keep from making the tough decisions that may not be popular enough to make them media heros.

Robin said...

It's a waste of breath to talk to the Salem crowd about solving the problem.

lacking an original thought in their head, this is what is popular now, so the legislatures is hopping on the meth bandwagon.

Something to keep in mind, is our government has this little habit of coming up with other issues to "distract us" from other issues that they do not want us to be concerned about.

a lot of people are starting to focus on illegal immigration as an issue however, corporations and the government feel that there is huge money to be made by supporting it,

Distraction, require cold and flu medications to be prescription only in the war on meth.

jwalker said...

As crazy as all of this sounds, I think the real problem lies not in cold pills or even prison sentences for meth users. The problems lies is the selfishness in our society that people with children are creating these labs. I think that is what is so disturbing....children are growing up in these houses. The underlying problem of bad parenting can't be legislated out. Our reps are trying to do something about a problem that only God can fix.