Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Liberal policies to create unwed teenage mothers are a success

65 out of 490 girls at school pregnant
Shocking school administrators and others community members, fully 13 percent of the female students at an Ohio high school currently are pregnant.

"This has gotten to horrible proportions," said Redmond. "I wish I knew the answer to why it's happening."

Repository columnist Rick Senften mentions the potential suspects of movies, TV and video games, lazy parents and lax discipline.

Yes, I hate it when you are watching tv or playing a video game and next thing you know, you're pregnant! For all you parents out there, make sure you incorporate that into your "birds and bees" talk. You can't get pregnant from touching a doorknob but you can get pregnant from watching tv.

I'm just shocked that after all the sex-ed that students are getting that they still manage to get pregnant. I mean, those nutty Christian conservatives predicted this. But really, how could anyone else have the foresight to realize that telling young kids that having sex was ok as long as you use "protection" would have these type of consequences?

Who would have thought that the change is social norms and the loss of the stigma would have had these effects. Really, I thought that when we stopped telling people that being an unwed mother was shameful and instead said that she was "empowered" we would reduce the number of single mothers.

I thought that when we stopped saying that you were a slut for having casual sex and instead said that the girl was "liberated" that we would decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies and STD's.

I thought that having the "everyone's doing it" statement go from back alley's to the classroom would make less people do it.

Seriously though, I want to put full responsibility on parents because that is where I believe that the responsibility lies. However, the schools have made it clear their intention to go beyond teaching reading, writing and arithmetic and now teach moral and social values. (among other things)

The public school system shares some of the blame with the bad parents. And yes, they are bad parents. If we want to start reversing this trend it is time to start making moral judgments like that.


Robin said...

"This has gotten to horrible proportions," said Redmond. "I wish I knew the answer to why it's happening."
if you don't know the answer that one... I'm not going to tell you.

Repository columnist Rick Senften mentions the potential suspects of movies, TV and video games, lazy parents and lax discipline.

Yes! blame it all on television! no wait, there's nothing on television.

He forgot to mention that things kids used to do, like afterschool activities, go to the mall,and other places kids used to just "hang out" and socialize have either been closed, highly restricted or canceled.

Compared to when I was growing up, (back in my day, gads, I'm starting to sound like my father)there are so many things that kids are not allowed to do today. E.g. riding a bicycle without a helmet, pick strawberries for extra money, play on a playground.

So what else are the kids supposed to do for social fun? Oh, nevermind. (Blushing)

Diesel said...

Ahh Daniel, when the parents don't give their kids a moral and ethical education, and the kids don't go to church, who is left to teach them "values"? It has fallen to the schools, because nobody else is doing it.

You really think I want to spend my time (as a teacher) teaching "right vs. wrong?"

This is a parental problem. Schools teach values because the kids these days aren't learning them at home.

MAX Redline said...

Robin - too true! You can't pick berries for pay if you're a kid - yet I used to make good cash as a kid by detassling corn (much faster and harder, and likely hotter work than berry-picking).

There are no outlets for kids anymore, other than watching movies, tv, or listening to cds.

There are darned few single-income families, either - so kids are left alone so much. And this, Don, is why so few seem to have values.

At the same time, there are a few like me and my Bride out there - we chose for her to stay home with our child, even though it costs us one heck of a lot to do that.

And quite frankly, I don't want my child taught "values" as defined by the OEA.

Anonymous said...

OH how about abstinence education only and telling kids condoms don't work. Wow, condoms don't work??? Have you seen the latest sex ed. text books? Or maybe it is because back in the day people got married at 16 and 17 women were not allowed in schools and if they were in school and got pregnant, they were jerked out of school. That is a great way to keep your numbers down. Remove the problem. Let’s see, puberty is starting in kids younger, we are waiting longer to get married, could that have something to do with it? I know lets send them all to church, where sex never happens, where abuse never happens. Oh, and um lets survey one high school and jump to conclusions. It was probably a faith based high school.

Ric said...

I'm not sure what percentage of girls are/have been pregnant at my daughters high school - Centenial.

But, the number of babies around the school has left an impression upon her.

Fortunatly a good one - she is choosing to remain celebate.

But, she also formed an opinion about most of the girls of color - and not a good one. Based upon thier actions at school, thier attidutes and how many of them are carring around babies.

Anonymous said...

I believe Bill O'Reilly's long, slender, red vibrator has been named in several paternity suits in Ohio.

I can't seem to find the link... it's here... somewheres...

MAX Redline said...

Anonymous 3:57 PM
Anonymous 7:40 PM

Congratulations! You have outed yourself as a troll!

RalphNelson said...

You forgot to mention that the rate of teen pregnancies has decreased in the last decade.