Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Welcome to Nuevo Porlando

Salir Adelanted
A needs and assets assessment of the Hispanic community of Multnomah County

Funded by:
Multnomah Board of County Commissioners
Multnomah County Department of Community and Family Services
Really funded by: YOU!!!

The desire of Latinos/as is to salir adelante, which is a process of personal and community improvement that leads to increased self-determination and empowerment. Accordingly, this document focuses on the issues and recommendations that can transform that hope into reality. In particular, it examines low income Hispanics in Multnomah County, most of whom are Mexican and foreign born.
The desire of Americans is for La Migra to deport these illegal aliens.

A few umbrella recommendations that are developed further in this report include:

Hire more bilingual/bicultural staff in all types of services, and
encourage more individuals to train and apply for these jobs by
offering pay incentives reflective of their additional linguistic and
cultural skills.
Waste tax dollars catering to criminals.

Continue to encourage greater participation in the health care
system, and respond to the voices that expressed a need for
urgent care services.
Further bankrupt the hospitals and public health care systems. Raise rates for the rest of us.

Incorporate into public policy those elements that encourage
the strong Latino/a family unit in areas such as housing design,
social service access, childcare, and senior living.
We have "public policy" centered around making social service access conveniant for one race? God help these people if I had a law degree...

Remember that Latinos/as are people first, regardless of the
type of labor they provide, their legal status, or other differences
with mainstream society.
Do we apply the "people first" standard to other criminals too?

Solidarity is what has enabled Latinos to make remarkable political gains as a group, in spite of their internal diversity. Solidarity is the basis of the concept of La Raza (your own people). Loyalty to the group starts by recognizing paisanos (those from your country) wherever one goes.
Ah yes, much like the Klan was all about "solidarity." This is sick shit. I'm sorry, but here we have our ultra-leftist county whose only goal is to worship at the altar of diversity writing a report that if you simply switched names/country/race could have been written by Hitler.

Why it is politically correct for Latinos to have loyalty to "The Race" and their home country is beyond me. If I suggest that they shouldn't have Spanish signs at the bank I get branded a "monoculturalist*" and a bigot.

*I believe that this is a word that tenured proffessors at UC Berkely made up while high on acid.

Many migrants live binational lives
Many of the focus group participants described their lives as living in two countries. Research shows that, many Mexican people migrate back and forth to Mexico several times a decade, sometimes keeping two residences9. Many people make one trip north with little intention of living permanently in the United States, butwith each successive trip, more and more of them end up staying. Such binational lifestyles may limit the acquisition of English and disrupt education. It also challenges continuity of service provision and can stymie the formation of community in Portland.
They are breaking the laws of our country repeatedly and Serena Cruz is worried that their travel could "disrupt education" of these criminals. Nice.

Not having legal documents exposes workers to abusive employers and practices.
Here is a sampling of comments:

The undocumented get exploited more.
If you don’t have papers, they do whatever they want with you.
Boo hoo. You aren't allowed to legally work in this country. By working you broke another law.

Of all Hispanic family households in Multnomah County, 26 percent identified themselves as female headed, no husband present, according to U.S. Census data40.

Single parents expressed the difficulty of finding employment near their homes that pays well, that is accessible with public transportation, and that allows the parent to be home when the children are home.
Nice family values. I suppose that the single moms, in addition to their above requests, would also like to be able to eat chocolate all day long and not get fat.

The hidden world of undocumented workers and the informal economy
A significant number of Latino/a men, women, and children, most of them undocumented, are working in the informal sector of the Portland Metropolitan area economy. Informal activities are different from criminal ones in that they include goods and services that are legal, but whose production and marketing are unregulated and untaxed.
The only unregulated and untaxed activity in Portland that the Multnomah County Commisioners support! Seriously, what do Serena Cruz and co. want to do about this?

Convene task force consisting of representatives from Oregon Health Science University, Portland State University, University of Portland, Portland Community College, Mt. Hood Community College, Hispanic Access, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Latino Network, Hispanic Services Round Table and community members. This task force can begin to identify strategies that can support community members in accessing careers for which they have been trained in their country of origin.
For all their self-proffessed multi-culturalism it seems that Cruz and co. don't know much about Mexico. The only thing they teach you is to go to America and send money back!

This "report" goes on for 45 pages. You eyes probably glossed over after read just these highlights from the first 19 so I'm going to stop now. I think that I've made my point. If you want to make yours:

For more information about Salir Adelante please contact:
Office of Multnomah County Commissioner Serena Cruz
501 SE Hawthorne, 6th Floor
Portland, Oregon 97214
(503) 988-5219


Gunslinger said...

Unreal. Simply baffling. I can just see these people sitting around dreaming this feel good junk up. When in the hell are they going to wake up and figure out that these people are blatant criminals that have no respect for our laws, let alone any real community values that don't have to do with being a ciminal imigrant? I love your blog, but it pisses me of regularly.

Robin said...
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Robin said...

I want self-determination and empowerment too!

and I agree, we should have more bilingual staff in all types of services... that way, they could translate Spanish in the English so I can read the damn menu when I go to McDonald's.

I reiterate one point, if the population of Spanish-speaking immigrants were here legally, then yes, times change and I would just have to live with it. However, that is NOT the case at all because if they were here "legally" they would know how to speak and read English as a requirement of citizenship.

I believe that is also one of the major issues, is that we are being asked to change our ways for their ways while other cultures that come here, adapt to our ways instead.

the undocumented get exploited more...
that is like saying that I don't really own the car but I demand the right to drive it.

All very good points Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I clicked on your link Report an Illegal, I get blocked here at work because our proxies see the site as EXTREME so they can't be viewed. Interesting, I wonder if other corps block these sites also.

MAX Redline said...

"Remember that Latinos/as are people first, regardless of the
type of labor they provide, their legal status, or other differences
with mainstream society."

To paraphrase some poor schmuck: the more I see of these people, the more I appreciate nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias, senorita!

PollyAnna said...

Hi Daniel,Good observation on the article! i had posted the following under "rico" and had posed an idea to you..but didnt know if you had gotten goes with this new post of yours too..~~~
hi daniel this is sort of on topic.. as i couldnt find a link to to send you an email..of course that is probably "pilot error" on my part.anyways... Bill O'Reilly was talking last night about statistics on illegal immigrants in our prison systems nationwide and the $$$ it cost taxpayers... You have done a Terrific job on connecting so many ways that oregon is inappropriately dealing with illegal immigrants..teaching them how to cheat our system etc.."carosel of information" craposis,letting meth criminals walk etc..The Sheer numbers of illegals in our jails...and also wells fargo and their policy with accepting matriculas and the ramifications of that.i am sure you know of more..there are so many "etc" it is mindboggling(that is putting it mildly!) i respectfully suggest that you send that info off to the o'reilly factor...and others as Malkin, Coulter etc..
i dont have all the info/verication/documentation that you do..after all i read it at your site *S*(smile)perhaps it is about time that is is brought to national attention,'cause it is obvious the state of oregon does not care about breaking the law.
what do you think?

Anonymous said...

More proof of Government malfeasence! Thank you Daniel!
People we can STOP this, but we all need to pitch in to make it work.I am actively seeking a brave & hungry Attorney that would love to get all the publicity that comes with taking the State of Oregon to Court. We have proof of Violations of Voting, Housing Discrimination and Immigration laws, one clue, I have video of the inside of a "Carousel of Information" tour, with State workers helping illegals.
Everyone, pitch in money or time to Oregonians for Immigration Reform. Thanks'Rick Hickey-VP-OFIR

Daniel said...

Responding in the order that the comments were made:

Gunslinger: We have to turn your anger into action! Let's be honest, Serena Cruz is not going to change over some emails but you CAN support pro-immigration reform candidates like Tom Tancredo and Robert Vasquez and groups such as

Robin: People who drive "undocumented" cars not only are "exploited," they are frequently "profiled" and arrested by the police. Imagine that...

Anonymous: That is very interesting. The server that hosts that page is an American Patrol server. They are a "borders, language, culture" group. Certainly not "extremists." Here is a phone number to report illegals and their employers: (866) 347-2423

Jay: Not just nucleur weapons but small arms to protect my family and property from these lawbreakers!

Anonymous: De nada you poor shmuck. Learn English.

Pollyana: I'm sorry that I didn't respond to the earlier comment. I've been on vacation these last few days. (I know, I should have more time then...) Back in my routine now. Thanks for the vote of confidence. You have inspired me to send some of this stuff off tonight. The commentor after you (Rick) who is VP of Oregonians for Immigration Reform has spoken to O'Reilly on the mobile Mexican consulate issue.

Anonymous (Rick of OFIR):The proof never stops flowing in and our case gets stronger and our public officials get more egregious. That was a great letter you wrote to Serena Cruz!

jwalker said...

Please excuse the language of what I am about to say but....

WHAT THE HELL?????????



I know several single mothers that would love to have a good paying job, close to transportation and home with their kids. Welcome to reality.

Dare!PDX said...

I have alot of experience with the mixed bag of legal and illegal immigration having a brother in law whose mexican.

His sister is a regular illegal immigrant to the US (whenever school is in session she migrates up with her daughter - her husbands in jail for drug trafficing).

What totally gets every member of my family anti-welfare is watching her play the system blatantly annually. Multnomah county has to know - she targets it over Washington county. Even a well dyed blue-state democrat has to acknowledge the flaws in our system as they watch her juice our system for housing, food-stamps, and a free education for her child.

She also works in the "unregulated" portion of the economy - restaurants. Funny, english speaking restaraunts were heavily regulated last time I checked.

Paul Adams said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey all I just wanted to make a few statements. Firstly I do not have a problem with a man trying to make a better future for his family by coming to my country which I have fought with my Blood Sweat and tears to protect. I do have a problem with a chicano telling me and my family that they are more qualified for a job because they are mexican. If you love mexico so much go the hell back.
Secondly... We dont wont youre hungry youre tired or youre feeble. Until they pay some taxes and earn there way into my society then go home. I fyou are going to work under the table to make money and refuse to pay taxes simply becuse you are an illegal is appaling,
I am sick of seeing illegals in the hospital with no insurance to pay for their bills.
And lastly I am sick of politicians making it easier for illegals to work and to come over to this country. I say put up a huge wall stick snipers all over the place and kill the varmants. That is what I said Varmants. You are annoying ugly to look at you stink you bring this great country a step further down the food chain with youre neediness.

THanks for allowing me to vent have a good one all. If you have any feelings about my post feel free to contact me at

Sgt.Rickey Steinke
U.S Army
B Co 1-16th Inf.
Ft.Riley Ks.

Anonymous said...

Hey nice looking blog but it is a little funky looking in my K-meleon internet browser. Looks good otherwise! Cheers,